Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me, and it turns out I already ate it.

Starting this blog post with a picture of my not-so-secret obsession. It's practically all I talk about. Pancakes. Awesome fluffy buttery pancakes.

This possibly stems from the fact that the army camp I'm in serves the WORST breakfast. Baos, lor mai kai and what not. SAF - Ruining things for me since June 6th 2012. 

I mean, I'm not allergic to anything military.... Sorry Balmain! ):

Hung out with my ex-colleagues and wow has time flew. Felt like yesterday where I was just an intern at The Affiniti hahahaha. Pretty awesome company which got me started on fashion pr. I mean...Roger Dubuis, Shanghai Tang and Kimage? AWWWWWYEAAAAH.

Here's Suharti, a mother of 3 with her mouth full HAHAHAHAHA sorry couldn't help it.

Since Nisah and I refused to shop (Despite the Margiela and H&M sweater going for $50 WTF!!!!), we decided to blow our $ on pastries. Sounds rational? Lmao I don't even know...

"Quick. Take a picture and act natural. But yeah seem really classy..."

"Aiya...this one. No need to art direct la".

Trying to look all gentlemanly like a character in a Jane Austen book and shit but in reality, I was eavesdropping on a group of taitai's conversation.

It's heartwarming to know that they love buying DKNY kid's clothes for their brood. 

Typical meal ethics ; Instagramming the food/location, Tweeting to tell the world, Checking up on our Facebook updates and finally putting our phones down cause we're obligated to have a conversation. 

Looking stoned out (Trust me guys, BEST FEELING EVER) but in reality, annoyed that the pastries are taking forever. 


~*~Artsy fartsy~*~ shot just because!

It's pretty amazing how something so simple like a rich chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream topped unto it can taste so good. Like. Wow. 

God bless the person who decided to meld the two into a calorie-exploding mix! :')

Nisah taking pictures (Thank god for photo-initiative friends!!) whilst I try to spear the cake in the most civilized way possible.

Another ~*~artsy fartsy~*~ shot. All we need to do is to add text in helvetica hahaha. I remember the H1P5T3R_K1DzZ in my design school who always did posters with the font. 

In case you're asking, I used Jane Austen or Bodoni HAHAHAHAHA step chio only.

Su buttering her scone. Leaving this sentence open for intrepreration.

Trying to slice the cake without it crumbling when in my head I'm just like I#$)WE*@#)W*FI SONOFABITCH CAKE.

Gideon Shirt - HEIST  /  Faux Fur Vest - Zara  /  Lezark Blazer - FEIST  /  Skinny Jeans - H&M  /  Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang  /  Accessories - NastyGal, H&M, Alexander Wang, YSL.

You didn't think this blog post would NOT have an outfit postt right? ;) Hahahaha finally! One in perfect broad daylight!!! It's a Christmas miracle!!! /confetti shower everywhere.

And the most random thing happened ; I was looking at stuff in Tangs when a kid randomly came up to me and stroked my vest. All whilst proclaiming I looked like a giant cat. Thanks kid hahahaha that's the sweetest thing anybody said to me all year! And I'm not even being sarcastic!!!

My extremely banged up boots hahaha. I remember breaking the mirrored heel like, 2 weeks into buying them. Possibly the Chris Brown to the Rihanna of my shoes/bags. 


My favourite milf hahahaha. Note to self ; Alter skinny jeans ASAP. And can we talk about that Chanel bag please! ):

Telling her a dirty joke whilst she grasps her Chanel bag in shock. We seem to do that a lot ; you know. Having M18 conversations even with children around. Cause that's a socially responsible thing to do!

Hello Nisah! Looking all adorbs in your new boucle jacket! :3 Gurl has been shopping so much nowadays. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!

"Ok, lean against the world, push your hair to one side and smile!!! Imma edit this in photoshop and tadah!!! New display picture!!!"

"Valencia or Hefe? Should I add this to photo+ first to adjust the contrast? Added text or no text?"

"Why do clothes and shit look like anti-rape or theft devices nowadays?"
"Well weeeee gurrrrl gotta protect ourselces."
"Point well made..."

Eyeing Alexander Wang shoes at Pedder Red and inwardly crying cause I'm unable to buy a pair. I seem to be controlling my feels a lot lately.

This obviously can't be healthy...

Questioning the design of a VB bag (Why's it so hard to open?) and questioning the design of a Lanvin pair of flats (Really? Over 300 for a pair?).

Extremely candid shot of Su grabbing her Chanel whilst I hold on to a burrito. I don't even... Well. This is awkward.

Okay guys, hope you enjoyed this verbal-vomit post and have funo n the last weekend of the year!


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