Friday, April 27, 2012

Before the worst, Before we met.

Fur Fringe Coat - Max Mara
Blazer - Topshop
DIY Spike Collar Shirt - Calvin Klein
Skinny Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Harness - Zana Bayne (modified)
Drape Gauze Boots - Rick Owens

Whilst I'm typing this post, I'm happily listening to Nicki Minaj - Starship and completely ignoring the fact that
1) I'm listening to a crummy song with no meaning and...

Moving on. Hello there. Meet my new skinny jeans which I bought on a heavy discount (insert gif. image of me doing a hip thrust) and which I suspect slims your legs down and gives you awesome ass cleavage. It's like... I... finally look like I have an ass you guys. :'D

And my new Rick Owens Drape Gauze Boots which are one size too small (I actually wear 38 now, please keep your OMG SMALL FEET = SMALL PENIS jokes to yourselves guys, I already know that I look damn chao ah kwa HAHAHAHA) but LOOOOOK SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!11!!!!

Yes, I'm blogging incoherently cause I don't give a fuck and I have a high fever and I'm eating ice cream and I'm on a starship which flies so high.
I swear to god, people in my condo are really used to seeing me pose all ~*~cool and edgy~*~ in the car park that when they see me... They wave hi instead of being all O_o da fuck dis kid be doin'?!

On a more serious note, my love for menswear has reached an all new level. I'm really digging the whole harness within a buttoned blazer look because it makes me look skanky but yet smart enough to talk ~*~srs fashion topics~*~.

"What do you think of the recent economic struggle faced by fashion designers? Doesn't recent cases like Betsey Johnson's bankruptcy highlight this emerging and ominous disease which is plagueing the world of fashion?"

Omg I'm don't know what I'm saying! :'D

This is my "I'm so fucking cool and edgy and shit but I'm actually a derpy person who likes making fart jokes and makes awkward smiley faces at people" pose. It's really strange how most people I meet claim I have this scary aura but I'm actually really friendly!!!

Just look past the black clothes, spike jewellery and gaudy amounts of chrome I wear you guys!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunting by the rivers through the streets, every corner.

Welcomed the latest addition to my shoe collection a few minutes ago by happily dancing around my room. My WMP started playing Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole so it was a double whammy of happiness. I believe my head is still reeling from the excitement. :'D

Welcome home Rick Owens Draped Gauze Boots. You're one size too small and are a tight fit (That's what he said) but I think you'll be my latest love.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is the part where I blast victorious music and cartwheel around in triumphant glory.

Several bleeding fingers later, the dull ache-y cramp in my hand and dollops of glue everywhere, I am done with this month's DIY Item at CATALOG.

Can't wait for ya'll to see it next month! We're out on May 7th!!! So watch out for it kay guys? Especially for people like us who can't afford the Acne Atacomas. :'D

Brb whilst I cry into this pair of shoes and confide in my llama.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song.

Spinal Bone Harness - OS Accessories.
Cuffed Black Shorts - Black Peace Now.

Was lying around whilst weeping to the ending of The Lion King one night when my friend called and was all YO BITCH I CAN'T FIND A MODEL TO DO A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT SIAL LAH DAMN DESPO AH so guess who modelled for him at 12:30am in the morning?

It was a crazy quick shoot because he has just started and we finished in like 20 minutes? PROFESSIONAL ANOT, PROFESSIONAL ANOT?!?! HAHAHAHA. Apparently he wanted some kind of grunge-y Lana Del Ray-esque shoot so nothing says that better than a cigarette and a giant spinal harness attached to your back.

Will be heading to Men's Fashion Week tomorrow (SO EGGCITEXZXX) so in the mean time, talk to me...

On Twitter - @bryangohey
On Formspring -
Or contact me through my email @


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cause even with the lights gone out I know, the rhythm that our hearts pound out rolls on.

I dunno if some of you readers know, but I was quite the avid photographer back then because of my school course. Hahaha call me lazy but since I hated doing graphic design, editing videos or painting, I decided to go for an easier medium and ~*~photography~*~ seemed like an easier choice.

Of course nothing speaks of a more cliche photography subject choice then sunsets but I dunno man, there's just something bout basking in that warm glow of one whilst adjusting your shutter speed and snapping away. Almost makes me feel like my existence is almost beautiful for a split second. Before nonsense like bills and obligations kick in. :'D

I then decided to delve into the ~*~fabulous~*~ world of fashion photography which was a short stint until I found my calling in fashion styling hahaha. But it did help cause I empathize even more greatly with photographers when they get so stressed over styling. Ivanho, I'm sorry if you're reading this HAHAHAHAHA.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not falling on each other like we're always in the dark.

Leather Lapel Jacket - All Saints
DIY Shredded Hoodie - Asos
Corset Pants - Zipia
Combat Boots - Ann Demeulemeester
Skull Clutch - Taobao
Cross Chain Necklace - Lip Service

Pretty old outfit picture because I got SO BORED one day at home (Was this close to watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I'm secretly a Khloe fan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GURL IS FABULOU555555555) that I ended up finding old images in my camera.

It really does seem like my style has recently been getting a more tougher-makeover because running around in drapey lumpy clothes (As my colleague likes to call it) to loan/return clothing is a hassle. Plus looking all tough helps you feel tougher (Idk what's up with this sentence :'D) and actually gives you backbone when dealing with fucking rude store people.

Yes Club21B manager, I'm looking at you.

Usual arm candy, cross necklace because I'm a ~*~daredevil fashionista~*~ and my usual texture play. I really seem to like layering my hoodie under leather jackets nowadays because whilst I think I look like some kickass MORTAL KOMBATXXXXX character....

I actually look like a biker-butch as stated by Claris, my colleague. :'DDD

S&M Pants for days where I feel slutty like Rihanna. Or Kim Kardashian. Or Paris Hilton. The list goes on.

Candy : N0 FUK Y00 H00MANZ

Just a random picture of Bert and Ernie that I found whilst looking for press images and ended up laughing so hard I dribbled orange juice down my shirt AND fell off my chair.


Friday, April 6, 2012

You remind me of a former love that I once knew, And you carry little peace with you.

Leather Lapel Jacket aka Rick Owens Knockoff - Yahoo Japan Auctions
DIY Torn Hoodie - Asos
Drop Crotch Harem Pants - Izzue
Army Boots - Salvation Army
Remodelled Harness - Zana Bayne

I've been in this experimentation mood lately (My friend was like, "Are you experimenting with sexual stuff or what? Why so kinky one?" when I briefly told her I was doing so) with my style because I find that I've reached this stage in my ~*~fashiun b0y~*~ life where it's stagnant.

SO BAM. Rick Owens FW2011 inspired look? LET'S DO IT. I'm quite into these looks lately ;
1) Usual drapey nonsense where I look like a walking black lump.
2) A more downtorn urban look where I pretend I'm part of an apocalypse army.
3) Menswear inspired looks. (But aren't I a man already?)
4) ~*~Casual Chic~*~ aka I don't give a fuck bout what I'm wearing.

Grabbed a pair of these Izzue pants in Hongkong cause I've been lusting for one since 2009 but for some strange cosmic reason, haven't gotten down to buying one. It kinda makes me look like I have monstrously huge testicles or like I took a giant shit in my pants but... I LOVE IT SO MUCH HAHAHAHA. I can now actually bend down to pick stuff up without much trouble. :'D

And these Salvation Army boots? $8 from the one near my house hahaha. They're crazy comfortable and make me feel like I can kick ahbeng/matrep ass.

Ok maybe the skinnier ones cause just the force from a kick with these babies might shatter their pelvic bones.

Funny story to end this post ;
I got the basic Zana Bayne harness a few months ago and when it came, I was tremendously dissapointed because on my long torso, it looked like fucking kinky bra. And I was actually wearing it shirtless when my Dad walked in and was all...

"Son is there something you wanna tell me?"

Hope this story made your day hahaha.