Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a young heart confusing my mind, but we're both in silence.

Wool Pantsuit - Vintage  /  Drape Top - Gadget Grow  /  Sandals - Vintage

So I'm a little dopey on a deadly concoction of cough medication (mmm raspberry!) and sushi so I'll try to somewhat intelligebly type out what's happening in my life. Besides the fact that I'm still addicted to beer and pancakes. 

1) Survived the sartorial showdown that is Audi Fashion Festival though I have no recollection of how many magnums (the icecream kind!) I ingested, vodka drinks I chugged without fear or even how I went 3 days in a row with Gwen! Fun it was but sprawling out of the F1 pit building at 4am piss drunk? Yeah... defo no.

2) I'm currently on the 30 day crunches and squats challenge cause y'know ; my expanding waistline is attributed to conspicuous consumption of campbell (ah! alliteration!) soup and random junk food in the wee hours of the night! Doesn't help that one of my bunk mates brings pizza on a constant if not welcomed basis.

3) I'm thinking of inking myself again soon! Prolly a tribute to The Lion King cause I'm desperate to immortalize my childhood as everybody around me snuffs out 21 candles and I get increasingly mortified that it's my turn soon. It's prolly an irrational fear that I can't do stupid shit like riding around in supermarket trolleys, hogging swings at playgrounds or basically being a public nuisance cause that's what grownups don't do...right?

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