Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When the plane crashes, you'll be in the ashes.

The weather's fine; what I had in mind,
Until I feel you like a breeze.
You kept afloat when I escaped by boat.
Thoughts of you come swimmin' across the sea.

So Fyp and Portfolio Development is over and I smell the enthralling scent of graduation but a part of me wishes time will stand still ; Goodbye to friends, Goodbye to a lifestyle I had for 3 years and Goodbye to memories be they beautiful or painful.

In the mean time, I can only rely on material comforts in the form of clothing to ease this dull ache within my soul. Till then everybody.

Monday, January 30, 2012

So don't feed me to the fire and I won't let you down.

So my classmates and I decided it'll be fun and extremely sado-masochistic to gorge ourselves silly on ramen @ Ramen Champion after a boring field trip. I mean srsly? Bringing us to a museum to look at an exhibition bout Singapore's history? No thanks.

I mean, some of my more idiotic classmates don't even know who Singapore's first president is. Have a nice life ya'll.

Bitchiness aside...PICTURE SPAMZ.
You mean we can haz food na0z? :333 Rly? You srz?
I'm actually quite surprised there's so little people coming to Ramen Champion because I think the concept is uber cute. 6 Ramen chefs competing in a popularity contest. And Bario is pretty good looking LOLOLOL. Superficiality aside, his portions are AMAZING. Like "it can feed an obese kid for at least 2 days" kind of amazing.

Colossal bowl of ramen which is nearly the size of one of Kim Kardashian's ass cheek.

Yes, Bario doesn't fuck around with generosity. It is THAT. BIG.
A wild chinese boy spotted. Escape before it blasts Jay Chou's rap music at you HAHAHAHAHA.
DIY torn hoodie - Asos.
Skull Printed Shirt - Zipia.
Scuffed Skinnies - VirginBlak.
Doc Marten Knockoffs - Far East Plaza.
Spiked Headband - DIY.
Accessories - DIY / Taiwan / M)Phosis / TheLastNocturne/ Etc.
Woke up in the morning and felt the urge to pay homage to Lisbth Salander because everybody knows my obsession with tough-ass chicks and feminine-looking boys. Don't ask bout the latter, Andrej Pejic might just be my spirit animal.
Felt like one of those days where you can pile on 8493893873837387 accessories despite them getting in the way when you eat. Cue hurling your chopsticks at an SPG-er in frustration. I glue-ed multiple spikes on the top right brace cause I'm ghetto like that and some fell out. Brb weeping and glueing em' back.
Because Lisbeth Salander is all gritty-as-fuck and looks like she came from the hood (A somewhat fashionable one LOL), I decided to rip apart a hoodie I stole from my brother the other day! :D I basically attacked it with scissors, dragged it around a granite floor and let my dog maul it and now, it has this lovely worn in look.

Maybe 2012 calls for a style change where I start embracing gritty tough textures. You know, in an attempt to look more PuNk_B0ii_R0ckEr. I kid I kid.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Cause when I'm standing here in the dark, I see your face in every star.

Starting off with an image of me (As per usual HAHAHAHA) and fuckyeaaaaaaaaaaah did I finally discover the time to properly think of an outfit again! :3 Nothing beats wearing 3 layers full of drapey-shit and leather.

So I visited my primary school teacher (God bless this woman for taking the effort to tutor me in maths despite me being unable to divide fractions till I was like primary 6 HAHAHAHA) and dayum, I went MIA for 7 years and everybody still looks the same. No kidding. And it's kinda funny how I was the only dude who was all FASHION / NEW MEDIA / SOCIAL NETWORKING and the rest of the guys either did the JC route or are doing serious courses in poly. Zomg finance banking.

Self-spiked Shirt - Calvin Klein.
Deconstructed Vest - Complex Geometries.
Leather Lapel Jacket - Yahoo Japan Auctions.
Kirsten Satchel - Alexander Wang.
Chrome Cuffs - TheCultLabel.
2 monsters on my lower jaw, y u no fuck off? And my hair is finally turning black with random brown highlights. I'd like to pretend it's balayage but no. It just means my hair dying skills suck HAHAHAHAHAHAHA REALITY BITES HARD.

Polyester Sleeved Denim Top - Keira Ann.
Leather Shorts - Thrifted.
Balenciaga Knock-Offs - TheLastNocturne.
Ribbed Socks - Cotton On.
Suede Bag - Thrifted.
Accessories - Thrifted, Tatiri, Thisistransition.

Meet Cheryl, the girl I harass on Facebook chat at 1am in the morning to bitch bout attention whores, share llama pictures and can spend 5 hours wandering around town doing nothing LOL.

And apparently, her bag is made by some african dude with one arm or something HAHAHAHAHA SOMETIMES, IT'S BETTER NOT TO ASK QUESTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO HER.

Everytime I go out with her, the urge to buy Oto Gelb increases because damn, is it a statement piece AND I FUCKING LOVE STATEMENT PIECES. /lack of propriety and shame.

"Eh Cheryl I'm damn hungry let's be classy and go eat at Macdonald's." In my defence, I haven't eaten Macdonald's in like...3 weeks only HAHAHAHA. I remembered ordering Macdonald's like a fiend last year during the World Cup season and now...

I have 30++ Coke Soccer cups HAHAHAHA TRUE STORY GUYS.
"Act classy, pretend we're rich and that we came to Macdonald's cause we are sick of eating at the atas restaurants here." Swear to god, my bff's are the ONLY people in the world that will do stupid shit I tell them to do.

Classiness level - 140%.

Camped outside Ion to people watch (I seem to be doing that A LOT these days) and I've already figured out the typical-go-to-wear for most people my age.

Guys : Jeremiah Brent-style hair, Plaid Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Boat shoes/Toms/Sneakers.
Girls : Oversized cardigan, Normal Tee-shirt, High-waisted Shorts, Creepers/Toms.

If I could earn $1 for every person I saw wearing that coordinate, I would earn more in 8 hours than what Kim Kardashian earned from her faux-marriage. True story.
This is the face of a future super hero.
This one ah, not so much HAHAHAHAHA. <3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So I think we didn't do anything productive today...What is new?

Opening this blog post with a picture of me where I look like I'm sleeping but in fact...I'M BEING PRODUCTIVE. By taking 1 hour to type 2 sections of my FYP report (Eh 1000 words ok don't play play) because I keep getting distracted by online stores. Sigh YAHOO JAPAN AUCTIONS, TAKE MY MONEY, JUST TAKE IT.

And I dyed my hair last night into.... /drumroll....BLACK. Like black ; the colour equivalent of 50Cent's soul but it ended up being this smokey dark brown colour. Y hair, y u no black. /sobs.
Has anybody read this month's Harper's Bazaar? The amount of allusions to sex and kinky-stuff made me produce a mix of O_O and 8D. Going on a threesome date? NO PROBLEM. Introduction cuffs to you this month...which will get you laid. Skimpy leather garter corset...LATEST IN THE WORLD OF HAUTE COUTURE. Other than that, the styling by Kenneth Goh is amazeballs as usual.
Meet my best friend Yun. The woman who I once fell off a flight of bus-steps with and ended up missing 4 bus stops cause we were on the floor laughing and writhing in pain. Sense of propriety? We have naught.
Hongkong sells Shark Fin and Abalone in Soya Sauce Pretz. Wet dreams do come true~

On a happier note, I'm fleeing Singapore in March with Yun to Hongkong for my graduation trip! Cue 4 days of feasting on Dimsum and Pigeon Meat (LET THIS BE A FUCKING WARNING TO ALL OF YOU WHO SHIT ON MY FATHER'S CAR), crying buckets and kneeling before the entrance to the Gareth Pugh store and buying so many clothes that immigration refuses to let me pass the barrier.
Slouchy White T-shirt - Topman
Disturbia Pants - SomethingNoir
Studded Brogues - Asos
Satchel Hobo Bag - Taiwan
Cuffs and Choker - H&M
Turban - VirginBlak

This my readers, is my rendition of the pyjama trend that has hit the ~*~fashiun world~*~. Whilst I think the look can only work on skinny boho girls (Just don't eat and bathe for 4 years, instant boho chicness LOL JKJK), this is my version of it. Slouchy silhouettes , comfy shoes and a hobo bag.

This satchel bag has an AMAZING STORY LOL. I went to Taiwan like, 2 years ago with Vicki and I saw this bag at a Night Market and was all...VICKI, IT'S CALLING OUT TO ME IT NEEDS TO GO HOME WITH ME. But Murphy's fucking Law decided to kick in cause I was reaching an all-time brokeness...BUT I STILL DECIDED TO BUY IT AND ENDED UP STARVING ON MY LAST DAY LOL.

And for some bizarre reason, the Paris for President song is running through my head. Brb shooting my brains out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We used to listen to the radio and sing along with every song we know.

White Overworn-to-death-shirt - Calvin Klein.
Grandad Slouchy Sweather - Topman.
Scuffed Skinny Jeans - VirginBlak.
Bowler Hat - Asos

If it isn't blatantly obvious, I am OBSESSED with wearing my white shirt from Calvin Klein because it just screams instant chic (Actually no I'm lying , mainly because I pull it out cause it's the only white amongst my ocean of black clothing). I can see myself wearing it in so many coordinates and next to my Topshop jeans, they are indispensable. Just like what diapers are to someone with incontinence. This does not make sense.

In other words, this is my "First day of school after many days of sleeping during the CNY holiday cause my dad thinks it's better for me to stay at home cause I wear too much black."

But isn't black a lucky colour for us monkeys these year? 2 words...HUAT AH.

On a more rational note, I believe that every once in a while, -insert your choice of God- plants someone in your life who'll make a positive impact on you be it a change of attitude ; style or even your way of talking. Someone who'll laugh with you when you do something awkward, cry with you when your heart is broken like Lindsay Lohan's family and keep quiet whilst you angst over schoolwork and the non-niceties of life.

And I am glad to say that I found this person ; <3 you maximum kay Becks! -insert cheesy drama line from New Girl or something along that line-

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sleep the summer chill, And sheets of linen,

Inner Collar-less Top - Cotton On
Faux-Fur Fringe Poncho - Gadget Grow
Skull-Printed Pants - Yahoo Japan Auctions
Silver Collar Necklace - H&M

Despite it being CNY and the tradition of not wearing black being fucking ridiculous, I am thankful that Vicki's mum is hella cool bout it! :D And I remember a period of time where I used to buy clothing from YJA like...A FIEND. 4800yen pants which are one of a kind? I AM SOLD.

To further add on to my silver jewellery addiction, here's the latest addition to my family! :3 Swear to god, shopping for accessories at H&M is FUCKING ADDICTIVE. Prices never hit $20 and that's my weakness. T_T I'm expecting a pair of chrome cuffs from TheCultLabel soon! :D
Got chio lighting so must spam picture and act chio like those typical bloggers who think they have looks but end up have no substance and some of them type like this wah fucking irritating.
Say hello to the ~*~love~*~ of my life (Besides my closet). Hahaha my 9 year old shih-tzu who was creatively named...CANDY. It's really sad cause school has taken such a toll on me that I rarely have time to spend with her anymore. ): I'M SORRY BABY I'LL SPEND MORE TIME WITCHU I PROMISE. T_T
Just a little background information ; everybody has a few friends who you rarely hang out with but when you get together, it's as if nothing has changed and you're still close as EVER. And yes, these friends are Vicki and Belinda! HAPPY 6 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP BITCHES. Cheers to our old Chinese Orchestra days HAHAHAHAHA THOSE WERE THE BEST OF TIMES.

And the above picture is the first thing I noticed when I entered the house. Extravagant are the Chows.

"Act atas leh, wear one piece shirt leh HAHAHAHAHA".
I have no idea what Stanley is doing here LOL. He always acts stone-like like he's on drugs but once in a while, he does something funny.

Swear to god, Belinda's hair gets funkier and funkier errtime I see her. HAHAHAHA BELINDA WHEN ARE YOU GONNA DO A BUZZ CUT?! And note to self, buy hair dye on Wednesday cause my roots are fuckin' disgusting.
Lmao Annabelle looks like she's pointing the middle finger.
Watched Pirates of the Carribean ; Strangers Tide (When I saw watch, I mean only the guys whilst the girls gossiped). Am I the only one that thinks the one MERMAID X HUMAN love was kinda bizarre? O_o "Oh she's so fucking hot even though she has a tail DAYUM ME GUSTA."

Brought a bottle of wine and ended up finishing it by myself. Hedonistic ; I am.


Brb sleeping my entire day away cause my father's side of the family forbids anybody visiting to wear black awwwwwwwwwyeah.