Monday, January 2, 2012

Started I shut my eyes, One kiss went out of sight.

Cape Top : Urban Outfitters / Silence and Noise collection
Dethvon Shredded Shirt : TheCultLabel (
Skinny Jeans : Topshop
Engineer Boots : H&M
John Lennon-esque shades : Karmaloop
Accessories : YSL, Bahamut Jewellery, ThisisTransition, Taobao

What I wore out to my final FYP shoot today at the Botanic's Garden! After 4 hours of staying out in the hot sun shooting (And lugging an 8kg suitcase around the grassland), I doubt I'd ever wanna go back there again hahaha. Feels like yesterday when my group decided to come together to talk about FYP and these 6 months have been filled with intense work and angst over it. Am I fucking glad or what that I have kick-ass team mates who get shit done. Love ya'll! <3

And off I go to meet some secondary school friends for ice cream. In the mean time, do check out this band called Sunday Girl! Their song titled Stop Hey has been on my playlist loop for ages.

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