Sunday, October 28, 2012

So I put my faith in something unknown.

Imogen Top - FEIST  /  Drapey Cardigan - Virgin Blak  /  Cigarette Pants - Black Peace Now  /  Sneakers - Superga  /  Ribcage Harness and Spike Cap - OS Accessories  /  Shades - Proud Race.

Realizing you were photobombed by an auntie in the midnight rider bus at 5:30am in the morning? Start cringing in exasperation and scaring your fellow drunk passengers...

Thank you Superga for sponsoring me a pair of shoes that are flat! :D Which means, they're extremely merciful on my feet because firstly, I can actually run for scumbag buses without falling headfirst into a drain and secondly, did I mention how comfortable they are? 

No seriously. Get a pair from Seriously. Do you love your feet? Do you want the best for them? Do you feel like they no longer can bear the brunt of abuse from heels and wedges?

Spent my Saturday gossiping with ex bmt mates, pigging out on Thai food at orchard towers (I secretly think I'm hotter than the thai hooker dancers I'm just saying shh don't tell them please), club hopping and realizing how underdressed we are (Hey I'm wearing a fucking ribcage what do you mean I'm not halloween-y enough?!?!?!) and ending up at a coffee shop drinking beer like elderly defeated people till 4am.

Something tells me my youth is being spent wisely...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I know you're a fighter, But you never fought for me when I was a shelter.

Buck leather jacket - Proud Race  /  Black Tank - H&M  /  Asymmetrical drape top - Gadget Grow  /  Cropped Pants - Jean Paul Gaultier Cruise 2011  /  Cerebrus Wedges - Gold Dot  /  Jaw Necklace - OS

Relatively inspired by Yohji Yamamoto today and decided to "step japanese". Guess it's hard to shake off the whole j-rock fanboy in me which leads me to how I used to dress (or at least thought I was) like Reita from Gazette when I was younger. But that's another story for another time hahaha.

Heads up to Rik and Pat from Proud Race for kindly letting me purchase this one-off sample piece at a steal! Nothing beats sniffing real leather like the crazed shameless freak you are!
 I'm a firm believer of purchasing accessories that are conversation starters (Ermagawd did you like, kill an animal to make this necklace???). Eases tension when you have nothing intelligent to say be it drunk or sober (We've all been there...right?) or the dude in front of you has a stain on his shirt and he doesn't know and you can't stop staring kjkdjkjal;fjsl;sjrlwlej;twjwjt;w;r.
Last but not least, fierce as hell wedges from Gold Dot. Thanks Karl ( for reserving them for me! They give me an extra 11cm in height and I can actually breathe fresh air on public transport now! BAZINGA~

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ceremonials and Celebrations.

Gideon Shirt - HEIST  /  Cropped Asymmetrical Cape - Margiela  /  Faux Fur Coat - Zara  /  Ripped Skinnies - Virginblak  /  Drape Gauze Boots - Rick Owens  /  Fringe Lunchbag Clutch - Vintage  / Bowler Hat - Asos

Some pics waaaay back from the Parco FW Designer Presentation (Notice how Bella is giving good face hahaha). In other words, I have finally POP-ed which means I'm no longer the lowest form of life in the Singapore Armed Forces! :') Plus, Manila in 2 days! Watch this space guys!!!

PS : I won the FeistHeist streestyle competition zomg!!! Love you guys for your support!!! Xx