Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I used to laugh at plankton because he’s married to a computer but now I am plankton.

Drape Leather Jacket - Vintage Japan
Chiffon Top - The Handlebar
Faust Vest - SomethingNoir
Wide Leg Pants - Vintage Prada
Bowler Hat - Asos
Circle Shades - Karmaloop

I'm currently in this whole OH HEY GUYS LET'S TRY OUT NEW LOOKS kind of phase and my current obsession are these pair of Vintage Prada wide-leg pants! My parents decided that my pre-enlistment gift shall be a Vintage Prada pantsuit because they think I need to look more butch. It's ironic cause I think I can start pulling off more bizarre shit when I enlist.

The real question is...How the fuck did my mum manage to navigate Ebay when she doesn't even know how to play songs using itunes? Parents...We really don't give them much credit based on their technological intelligence.

I'm finally leaving my job (Currently busying myself with fashion PR) in 2 days and I really can't fucking wait to buy some clothes, shoes and most importantly....HAVE A REALLY DEEP SLEEP. OR BETTER YET, GO INTO A COMA. :'D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I took the stars from my eyes, And then I made a map.

Chiffon Drape Top - Complex Geometries
Skinny Jeans - 7 For All Mankind.
Inner Tank - H&M
Ksubi knockoffs - TheCultLabel
Combat Boots - Ann Demeulemeester
Spinal Cord Harness - OS Accessories
Accessories - Montblanc, M)Phosis, Taobao etc.

 Managed to snag this Complex Geometries top at 40% off from RevolveClothing and it's really been something I've been trying to look for for AGES. Something light, drapey and sleeveless. As usual, near impossible to find in Singapore.

This seems like one of my usual uniforms for work lately because I've been too tired to dress up. Just a sleeveless drape top, skinny jeans, my hair tied back up in a tight bun and kickass shoes. I call this ; the PR Bitch uniform. Perfect for running out in the muggy weather to meetings and yet, still looking kickass even when you're out for lunch.

 OBSESSED with wearing my OS Accessories ( spinal cord harness because it really is the perfect conversation starter.

Oh hello there, is that a spine on your back? Well yes it is~

Plus it helps that it's really tough looking AND it instantly makes you look more ~*~c00l_k1D_35Qu3~*~. Snagged myself a ribcage version when I went to Manila! Pictures to be up soon! 

 I liken all these hardware as my daily accessory orgy because most of the time, they find themselves on my hands because I'm ~*~all about contrast~*~. I do like to balance out the softness and sometimes feminine look of my clothes with hard metalware.

Or it might just be my inner Kate Lamphear surfacing. I hope.

I feel that it's integral to think of a reason for my dissapearance ZOMG HITLER CAT.

Please see above picture of said Hitler cat which I found on the road side and who hisses at me everytime I walk by it. Sometimes I think cats are beyond intelligent beings just that they're suppressed by the fact that they can't speak h00m4n language.

I am obviously talking bullshit.

Anyways, my recent dissapearance can be attributed to ...
- My laptop crashing and leaving me crying (ok la maybe just inducing me into a homocidal rage) at 4am in the morning.
- Disappearing to Manila by myself where I had the most fun of my life.
- Quitting my job at CATALOG and rediscovering my passion for Fashion PR.

I'm currently torrenting over 4gb worth of files into my new functional laptop so....WATCH THIS DAMN SPACE!1!1111 /unintelligible grunting.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand.

White Shirt - Armani Exchange (LOL SO AHBENG BUT IDGAF)
Striped Sweater - H&M
Striped Pants - Zara
White blazer with black lapels - Zara
Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang
Accessories - Montblanc and YSL

For some bizarre reason I've been wanting to try a full on print suit for AGES. Maybe it was the Celine 3-piece floral suit I saw (Can I just say that I fucking hate how ALL the blogshops are bringing in knockoffs urgh too much floral I'm gonna projectile vomit) or maybe it's the COUNTLESS people on Stockholm Syndrome wearing them.

Grabbed a pair of stripe pants from Zara, knicked a cheap sweater from H&M (If it's cheaper than my lunch, I'll buy it. #logicalreasoning), I AM NOW CHIC...Ok wtf I'm 2 seasons late HAHAHAHAHA. /yaoming.jpeg

And does anybody else find it bizarre when blogshops are all OH THIS IS A ZARA/TOPSHOP/H&M REPLICA when clearly, the brands above all rip higher-end brands off. It's like a circle jerk of knock-off-ery I can't even!!!

Oh I'm having a headache but it makes me look TONNES more chic if I press my hand against my forehead. 

Ok I kid, I just look horrible whenever I look at the camera. 

Funny anecdote time again ; I was in the pantry making myself some coffee+milo (Starbucks, take note, this is totes yummers) when an interviewee came in and was all HAY S'CUSE ME MISS I'M LOOKING FOR JAZMIN THE EDITOR.

Cue me being all :'D. You guys, I think that maybe this menswear-inspired looks ain't working. People still think I have boobs. 

If they do, I hope they think I'm a hot chick with a ridiculously flat chest.

Yup. :'D

I am a ghost who haunts your house and hides in your closet. From that vantage point, I will peek at you as you go about your daily business.