Saturday, December 31, 2011

Under that beautiful blue sky, we fell asleep forever.

Long sleeve sweater : J+ for Uniqlo
Drape Vest : Black Peace Now
Harem Pants : Black Peace Now
Cape Cardigan : Unplugged Museum
Leather Harness (worn as belt) : Zana Bayne
Accessories : Montblanc / YSL / Cartier / TheLastNocturne

So I'm back to my usual drapey looks (much to the discontent of my dad) and what other way to welcome back my usual style other than wearing my giant Unplugged Museum cape. It's a real beauty in itself because the fabric is so comfortable and when you walk, it billows around you and most importantly....It makes me feel like a Gareth Pugh model! :3

The Zana Bayne harness was one of my "omg regret much" purchases this year because I ordered the basic harness thinking I could pull it off (ended up looking like I was wearing a bra fml), so I deconstructed it and made it into an X shaped harness. And guess what? Being poor made me decide to figure out new ways to wear it and tadah! I can now wear it as a belt!

It's new year's eve and instead of thinking about resolutions and whether or not I have the courage to leave my room to go pee, I'm obsessing over my Alexander Wang Anouks which I've yet to collect!! ): My poor baby. ):

Friday, December 30, 2011

My heart draws a dream.

Plain white shirt : Calvin Klein.
Slub Knit Sweater : Topshop
Basic black pants : Jean Paul Gaultier
Blazer Trench : H&M
Black Snake-Print Clutch : WeAreRubbish
Suede Loafers : Charles and Keith

So I decided yesterday that dressing like a man would be fun much to the joy of my Dad. Hahaha he was so amused that today, I received a Montblanc watch which I will delusionally attribute it to my outfit yesterday!

I'm currently obsessing over the Blazer Trench ($59.90 at H&M! What a steal!!) because it makes me feel all ~*~fashion editor-ish~*~ and the suede loafers (I currently wear Size 38, ultimate esmaculation) which are my comfiest shoes. Basic Buying will probably be my 2012 obsession next to my usual drapey nonsense.

And the golden collar I was wearing? It started peeling off after only 6 hours of wear. 12USD WHICH I COULD HAVE USED TO BUY MY DOG SOME CUTE CLOTHES. Or buy useless stuff like cutesy stickers to paste all over my mum's vanity table. Don't ask.

What was supposed to be running around the Narnia exhibition and derping around ended up being a 2 hour wait in the hair salon for my friend (ON THE RIGHT SO YOU ALL REMEMBER HER FACE) and heading to 313 for some yummy japanese spaghetti! Hahaha I hereby crown myself...THE ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND WITH ULTIMATE PATIENCE.

Ending this post with a picture of me paying homage to my good friend Lenne ; I see a mild resemblance between our faces ; yet another act of delusion.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alexander McQueen - Widows of Culloden - Kate Moss hologram

Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.

A hologram of Kate Moss set to the title song of Schindler's List ; a song which never fails to make me tear up. So dump the shitty romance films where everything is fine and dandy, gorey films which induce pukefests, childish nonsensical shows (I particularly hate the Glee seires because they fucked up most songs I like and the plot...seriously?) and watch this heartbreaking film about World War II.

And on another note, it's 2:47am and I am going to the Narnia Exhibition later in the day. Hopefully I can get some pictures!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She paints her fingers with a close precision.

Top Row :
Ann Demeulemeester , Ann Demeulemeester , H&M , Far East Plaza , Salvation Army
Bottom Row :
Japan Thrift Store , TheLastNocturne, Topshop, T.U.K, Asos, Charles and Keith

So my Dad, being the ever random chinese man decided to buy me a shoe rack cause up until 5 minutes ago, my shoes were sprawled all over the ground on a towel. 30 minutes later and with a huge load of male testosterone-filled grunting, he finally built my shoes a home! :D

And I'll be honest, I don't treat my shoes very well cause if you look at them closely in real life, most of them have scuffs, tears and dirt on them! Hell, my T.U.K creepers have portions where the foam is coming off. But do I love my babies any less? Hell to the no. <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

A glimpse of things to come.

A collection of images which currently reflect my personal style aim!
1) Playing with colours other than black. I'm thinking of different shades of black and grey this coming 2012! Solid colours...will have to wait. :3
2) Oversized clothing because dressing like a hobo = COMFORT MAXIMUS.
3) Proportion Play with different lengths of clothing. I'm thinking of cropped tops with long layered vests.
4) As per usual, long billowy fabrics so that I can re-enact my childhood X-Men fantasy.
5) Contrasting hard and soft elements in one outfit with different textures. Hahaha this should probably be the easiest on my list.

Photos are taken from my tumblr ;

I'd know better, cause you said forever.

Cowl Neck Top : Gadget Grow.
Oversized Knit Cardigan : T by Alexander Wang.
Oversized Maxi Vest : DIY
Skinny Jeans : Topshop
Combat Boots : Salvation Army.

It's currently 1:13am in the morning and 5 days to the new year and here I am thinking ; wow time seriously fucking flew. And to commemorate the incoming of a fresh new year, I decided to create a new blog to document my outfits more seriously because my previous blog was a mish-mash of random verbal vomit and all that is whacked.

So if you're into monochromatic outfits, the occasional artsy-fartsy photos and pictures of more "happening" events in my life, please do suscribe to my blog or bookmark it, (I'm assuming you won't lose it amongst the 93084948849 links you've bookmarked)

Lastly, I'm going to drop 5 random facts about me for my new readers cause I probably sound too serious right about now ;
1) I used to dress in C O L O U R S. My favourite pair of pants were a pair of scottish plaid ones which I outgrew rather quickly. Black seems to be my comfort "colour.
2) My childhood dream was to be a human rights lobbyist. Whilst I think I lack the brains for a more global phenomenon, I'd still like to champion for an anti-maid abuse cause in Singapore.
3) I'm a HARDCORE gamer freak. Back in my youth (Those acne free days), I could play Final Fantasy or the Kingdom Hearts series for 12-18 hours in a row.
4) I don't believe in religion but I believe that everyone should pick a few traits from each religion that resounds out to them and practice it.
5) On a more superficial note, I can eat a truckload of beef.

I guess that's it for my inaugural first post. I shall now proceed to lying in a corner and flipping through Harper Bazaar 2012 January. Till then everybody. x.