Friday, December 30, 2011

My heart draws a dream.

Plain white shirt : Calvin Klein.
Slub Knit Sweater : Topshop
Basic black pants : Jean Paul Gaultier
Blazer Trench : H&M
Black Snake-Print Clutch : WeAreRubbish
Suede Loafers : Charles and Keith

So I decided yesterday that dressing like a man would be fun much to the joy of my Dad. Hahaha he was so amused that today, I received a Montblanc watch which I will delusionally attribute it to my outfit yesterday!

I'm currently obsessing over the Blazer Trench ($59.90 at H&M! What a steal!!) because it makes me feel all ~*~fashion editor-ish~*~ and the suede loafers (I currently wear Size 38, ultimate esmaculation) which are my comfiest shoes. Basic Buying will probably be my 2012 obsession next to my usual drapey nonsense.

And the golden collar I was wearing? It started peeling off after only 6 hours of wear. 12USD WHICH I COULD HAVE USED TO BUY MY DOG SOME CUTE CLOTHES. Or buy useless stuff like cutesy stickers to paste all over my mum's vanity table. Don't ask.

What was supposed to be running around the Narnia exhibition and derping around ended up being a 2 hour wait in the hair salon for my friend (ON THE RIGHT SO YOU ALL REMEMBER HER FACE) and heading to 313 for some yummy japanese spaghetti! Hahaha I hereby crown myself...THE ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND WITH ULTIMATE PATIENCE.

Ending this post with a picture of me paying homage to my good friend Lenne ; I see a mild resemblance between our faces ; yet another act of delusion.

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    Anw aren't we supposed to be related? :'D