Friday, March 29, 2013

Can I get an AMEN? #lousypunsindeed #I'llneverhavemyowntalkshow #brbeatingmyfeelings

For those of you who know me, they would know that I ABSOLUTELY detest ~*~fashion bloggers~*~ who lift images off the net from or what-so-evs and plunk it into a post being all OH MY FAVE SHOW OF THE SEASON ZAC POSEN PLZ MARRY ME OR HAVE MY BABIES. 

It basically bastardizes (my new fave word lulz) the whole concept of fashion blogging where viewers go to blogs to look at ootd's to get to know the reader better, read about their unbiased views on the fashion world (A Shaded View of Fashion is my fave) or simply, to draw inspiration. I mean, who wants to scroll through pages of THIS MY FAVE SHOE YAW, THIS SHOW WAS BANANAS, I REALLY WANNA WEAR HOT PINK THIS SEASON.

Verbal diarrhea aside, I like to put aside this notion once in a while to talk about labels I am infatuated with and it's non-the-less the amazing AMEN (I wear my Rapture vest ALL the time, finding a way to surgically attach it to my body!). Designed by Nicole and Kelinton, it just hits home with me because of my love for key pieces in a wardrobe.

This SS2013, they deliver perennial wardrobe staples such as wide legged pants, a classic jumpsuit fairly reminiscent of Le Smoking, baby doll dresses and lapel jackets. It just feels like your classic staples that you'd pull out of your closet and in a heartbeat, don them on which I feel is something most of us don't have the luxury of doing nowadays. Plus it helps that it feels a little Saint Laurent! (H8ters gonna h8te!)

I know what I'll be spending my next pay on! Besides the Antigona bag that is!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

This nuclear heat is a beautiful air.

 - Behind the scenes for this month's CATALOG featuring Nadia, me and a few friends! Nothing beats looking at fashion people standing under sweltering heat and running (RUNNING!!!!) into shade when the photographer is done.

-Camwhoring in the tour bus as we tour Singapore to shoot. Nadia seriously looks like Azealia Banks WHAT IS THIS SORCERY. WHY ARE YOU SO HOT.

 -Ellie Goulding yaw! Rushed down to the Esplanade despite it raining like fuck (I'm not very eloquent as you can tell) and had a blast dancing like we're drunk (Don't we always?). I might possibly be on someone's list of "Worst Concert Goers".

 -Whenever I wear MM6 / Margiela for H&M, I just wish a stranger would ask me "whats the jacket?". If you're reading this and aren't my friend, please make this boy's wish come true.

-Hanging out frequently with Georgina makes me realize that I'm pretty uncouth like an episode of Jay Leno. Sweetest girl I've ever met though! My birthday present to her would be bringing her to A&F to take pictures with topless guys!

 -Cue Bad Girls by M.I.A and get s0m3 pu55ies p0ppin' in di5 j0inT yaw cause Nadia and I r in d4 hau5 repp1n' d4 411.

-Landed on the cover on CATALOG! Thank you Franzn for the photoshop hahahaha I LOOK FLAWLESS. COVERGIRL. 

 -Skulked around changi like Batman and refraining from making dirty jokes like "You make my dark knight rise". This is why I'm single.

-Un-used image from the CATALOG shoot where I show my somewhat huge arm. Muscle or Fat? It doesn't matter...It looks big! (Or so said a friend).

 -New tattoo dedicated to le father figure who initially dismissed it as a random scribble. Defo a pleased man when he found out what it was.

-Happy happy hairy times!

 -You guys, I think the tattoo is working! My asian-as-hell dad actually sent me a heart emoji on whatsapp! Pop some champers and let's get an amen up in this bitch! (If you're asking, that's my fave prep-club phrase).

-Mood-boarding for a shoot with Fadli (You mean...THE Fadli Rahman?!) and naturally it has to involve nudity. Releasing my inner Roitfeld and hoping I age as well as her. If not, the namecard from Georgia Lee hidden in my wallet will suffice.


-Watched Stoker and if you enjoy the sight of young girls masturbating after brutally murdering people... It's the movie FOR YOU.

 -Dressed as an eskimo reading to hunt some walruses cause honestly, what is Singapore's 34 degrees equatorial weather? 

-Met Gwen and Terence for some beers last night (Real men drink beer right? Do I look manly now? Honestly. Guys. Stop laughing) and we basically opened the pandora box of conversation-do-and-don'ts.

-Helped out a Lasalle student with an interview today (Karma points come2meplz) and she asked what my fave accessories were. No surprises there!

-Me trying to land on the next season of Drag Race! Give me a feather boa, stripper heels and an Herve Leger dress AND I WILL REIGN.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Religious regret and Infinite debt.

Tank Top - T by Alexader Wang  /  Leather Jacket (worn zipped) - Vintage  /  
Rapture leather vest - AMEN  /  Leather Jacket (worn as cape) - Izzue  /  Wool Pants - Vintage  /  Accessories - Aliciah Hannah Naomi, Asos  /  Leather Lunch Bag - Zara

Met up with John Tan of Streetpeek and Vera of Naked-Glory a few weekends ago and decided to one-up a demonstration of my somewhat insane heat resistance. 

Brought my new Echo Choker from Alicia Hannah Naomi out for a spin and nothing really feels better than chrome on bare skin. And say hello to another addition to my burgeoning collection of leather jackets.

Though it's possibly 4 sizes too big (It's a size M jfc what is this?!), I'll just say it's to partake in the oversized trend this season. STELLA MCCARTNEY THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And in case you're wondering why my skin looks so good (I'm making an accutane video next week! Excited I am, I am excited!), it's a pow-wow combo of MAC pro long (That shit is insane, 18 hours + a flight and it still sits on my face like liquid cement) and photoshop!

Leather lunch bag for a steal in Hongkong Zara where stuff costs at least 30-40% cheaper. Hongkong ; Ruining shopping in Singapore for us all!

Ending this post with a Tommy Ton-esque shot of me pretending I'm emailing my magazine team bout how ~*~fab~!*~ a show was when in reality I'm just feeding my pets in Pet Shop Story. 

ONE DAY IT WILL BE A REALITY. for any enquiries on shit I like!

 Photo credit ; John Tan of!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We've got our guns and horses.

Cropped hooded cape - MM6  /  Imogen Blouse - FEIST  /  Sandal Boots - Vintage  / 
 Acccessories - Monki , H&M, YSL

Lovely afternoon spent with Georgina (instagram @ seaofkinit) at The Coastal Settlement with a good old American breakkie and truffle fries. Not to mention the usual trespassing into random buildings and freaking out over how haunted it looks. Cheers to a new found friendship! xx