Sunday, March 3, 2013

We've got our guns and horses.

Cropped hooded cape - MM6  /  Imogen Blouse - FEIST  /  Sandal Boots - Vintage  / 
 Acccessories - Monki , H&M, YSL

Lovely afternoon spent with Georgina (instagram @ seaofkinit) at The Coastal Settlement with a good old American breakkie and truffle fries. Not to mention the usual trespassing into random buildings and freaking out over how haunted it looks. Cheers to a new found friendship! xx


  1. love the flowing texture!

  2. your sense of style is so good.

  3. i need a lets do photos- bff too!!! cool clothes!!! love the photos inside the abandoned bldg

  4. you're like a mary poppins x dementor. i swear it's the hat that makes me think of crazy things. btw where's the abandoned building located at??? x