Sunday, March 17, 2013

Religious regret and Infinite debt.

Tank Top - T by Alexader Wang  /  Leather Jacket (worn zipped) - Vintage  /  
Rapture leather vest - AMEN  /  Leather Jacket (worn as cape) - Izzue  /  Wool Pants - Vintage  /  Accessories - Aliciah Hannah Naomi, Asos  /  Leather Lunch Bag - Zara

Met up with John Tan of Streetpeek and Vera of Naked-Glory a few weekends ago and decided to one-up a demonstration of my somewhat insane heat resistance. 

Brought my new Echo Choker from Alicia Hannah Naomi out for a spin and nothing really feels better than chrome on bare skin. And say hello to another addition to my burgeoning collection of leather jackets.

Though it's possibly 4 sizes too big (It's a size M jfc what is this?!), I'll just say it's to partake in the oversized trend this season. STELLA MCCARTNEY THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And in case you're wondering why my skin looks so good (I'm making an accutane video next week! Excited I am, I am excited!), it's a pow-wow combo of MAC pro long (That shit is insane, 18 hours + a flight and it still sits on my face like liquid cement) and photoshop!

Leather lunch bag for a steal in Hongkong Zara where stuff costs at least 30-40% cheaper. Hongkong ; Ruining shopping in Singapore for us all!

Ending this post with a Tommy Ton-esque shot of me pretending I'm emailing my magazine team bout how ~*~fab~!*~ a show was when in reality I'm just feeding my pets in Pet Shop Story. 

ONE DAY IT WILL BE A REALITY. for any enquiries on shit I like!

 Photo credit ; John Tan of!


  1. layer layer til we die... mantra forever.. i love u..

  2. not sure how you're not dying in that outfit but goddamn son it's so fierce! loving all the little details with your rings and that choker (and totally agree with Hong Kong ruining shopping for us)

  3. "when in reality I'm just feeding my pets in Pet Shop Story." AHAHAHA STORY OF MY LIFE.

    I MISS YOU :(