Thursday, March 29, 2012

You're so fresh to death & sick as cancer.

Giant Dementor Cape : DIY
Skinny Jeans : Topshop
Combat Boots : Ann Demeulemeester

Was sourcing for clothes the other day at Actually when I came across this brand called Pjotr which sold pretty kick-ass capes which are basically my kind of style for clothes. Oversized, insanely drapey and pretty much reduces me to look like a walking black lump. But at a price of $155 and looking at my current financial situation...I'd prolly be reduced to starving and being all FOOOOOOD GIMME SOME IF YOU LOVE MEEEEEEE. Doesn't sound pleasant.

So one day I was bored in the office and after unravelling (more like it falling onto me when I opened the closet) some fabric, I was all CLARIS LET'S DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. Few cuts later, some rolling on the floor in anguish and a horrible mishap with the sewing machine...BAM NEW TOP. A lil' wide across the neckline BUT DAYUUUUUUUM.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head.

White Blazer with Black Lapels - Zara
White Shirt - Calvin Klein
Wedges - Taobao
Spinal Bone Harness - OS Accessories.

Decided to dress up like Ceelo Green meets LA downtown pimp on Friday until I realized...I had a barbeque that night. About as smart as Charlie Sheen on any interview shows.

One of my new year resolutions was to start wearing shiz other than black and I think I'm finally getting there! :3 But it's kinda tough breaking out from a colour I'm so used to wearing...


The OS spinal bone harness really is a thing of beauty. :') It costs a whopping $217usd but the adorable boys gave it to me (RUV YOU GUYS LONG TIEMZ) cause...let's just say it's a HUGE HUGE secret. :) It's not anything sexual by the way HAHAHAHAHA LET ME CLARIFY THIS.

Was out and about in chinatown when my colleagues and I decided to prowl around a sewing-shop and BAM. 12 Margiela-esque rings for 3sgd? I AM SOLD. They make a super delicious clacking sound when your fingers hit each other and I'm thinking of buying 3-4 packets more to stock up. *_*

Peer pressure at Bugis Street led me to buy this pair of shoes which kinda remind me of A.Wang shoes. For $35sgd only? I AM SOLD. Plus nothing beats buying a pair of comfy shoes which...LOOK MANLY HAHAHAHAHA.
Speaking of OS, I managed to loan a few pieces from them for our fashion shoot in the March Issue of CATALOG! :3 Styling by Janice Pidduck, Assisted by me and Shot by Ivanho Harlim.

My virgin shoot with CATALOG. /sob.

brb torrenting Anastacia and watching it whilst crying into my mcspicy burger.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

So work is getting really crazy so ya'll will have to deal with pseudo ~*~artsy~*~ pictures using...PUDDING CAMERA.

Leopard Monochrome Sweater - MAPLE
Houndstooth Pants - H&M Kids (LOL IKR DON'T ASK)
Fur Sleeved Coat - Zara
Platform Wedges - Taobao
Skull Clutch - Taobao

Can...I just claim that I'm currently in a recessionista mode ever since the Hongkong trip blew a hole the size of Jennifer Lopez's ass in my wallet? Everything in this outfit is like, below $50 I kid you not!!! Yes, the Zara fur coat only cost me $40 and I snapped it up much to the egging of my ex-boss's wife HAHAHAHA.

Picked up this MAPLE leopard sweater in Hongkong for only $15, the houndstooth pants which are for kids (I suspect obese ones) for $25, the platform wedges are only $16 and the skull clutch for $14. Total : $110 excluding my sunnies and accessories. $110 can't even get you a pair of Campbells!!!


Pretty addicted to Pudding Camera nowadays cause it's so hard lugging my dslr around. When you're carrying 938238492083409 kg worth of clothes for loans&returns everyday, the added 600grams seems like 6kg.

The houndstooth details aren't very obvious though I've been DYING for a matching blazer. Who knows, I might even wanna rock a full houndstooth look ala Celine cause nothing says fashion conformity like it HAHAHAHA OK I'M JOKING. Then again I also wanna rock a full red suit so yeah.
Latest haul from Taobao because I just can't justify paying ridiculous prices for bags or shoes because I'm Chris Brown-abusive to them. I scuff them like crazy and fling them all over the place. Actually pretty surprised my Alexander Wang Anoucks are still in one piece albeit a shaky heel. Somewhere out there, a Wang-et is cursing me to get run over by a yellow school bus.

Been rocking the same arm-party for a few days already! :3 I think they're gonna be my statement pieces and as the editor claims, the whole S&M look is my trademark.

Met up with Diane for dinner (A proper meal? Someone above 800 calories? FINALLY!1111!!!!) and whenever we meet, I joke how we look like a lesbian couple HAHAHAHAHA. "Would you shag me if I was born a chick? Like you know, with tits and all."

Virgin trip to Nandos and like all firsts (HAHAHAHAHA), I was SATISFIEEEEEEEEEEEEED. Could nom solely on the Mediterranean rice for like, 3 meals a day.

Hello there giant pimple on my right cheek. You are revolting just like Adam Levine's perfume hypocrisy. Other than that, it's a pretty decent picture right HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Diana's so cute COME COME LEMME RUV Y00.

Rocking her own arm candy. I remember her wearing that leopard spike bracelet the first time I met her in 2009. Happy 3 years anniversary mah loverrrrrr RUV Y0000 HAHAHAHA SORRY I CAN'T STOP SAYING THAT 2 WORDS TO MY FRIENDS EVER SINCE I GOT HOOKED ON WATCHING MISHKA THE HUSKY VIDEOS.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coalesce through the vapor, Some strange trembling gas.

Trench Blazer : H&M
Chiffon Top : The Handlebar
Scuffed Skinnies : Virginblak
Anouck Booties : Alexander Wang
Rocco Duffel Knockoff : Taobao

So I haven't been posting personal pictures of myself lately cause work is INSANELY tiring. It's kinda one of those jobs that you jump into, get shocked at the amount of work, have fun doing it albeit at the same time trying not to pull out your hair from stress and BAM. When it's done, you run down in flipflops to the nearest 7-11 to buy some beer.

And yes, I'm carrying an Alexander Wang knockoff bag NEXT to my Alexander Wang Anouck shoes itself hahaha. Cue people going ZOMG A.WANG BAG AND SHOES and me going "So yeah one is fake and the other is genuine I AM SHAMELESS!11!!1!!!!". The knockoff bag is my latest slave-bag meaning I throw lots of shit into it and thank god inanimate objects can't speak. Second day already and one of the studs came out.

I'm giving it at LEAST a month before it disintegrates like ANTM's credibility. Show is fucking horrible though I'm in love with Sophie Summers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gareth Pugh Fall 2012 RTW - In other words ; my fashion wet dream.

So everybody I know and who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Gareth Pugh. Maybe because most of the time I mention it to them in conversations (Do you NOT DIE for Gareth Pugh FW 2012?!) and I often take the chance to tell it to everybody regardless if it's my friend, dentist or even random showroom people I loan clothes from. Obsession level = Insane.

So when fashion week rolls around and my hunger pangs can only be cured by reports from, I nearly PISSED myself (Ok that's a bad analogy) when I saw that the pictures from Gareth Pugh F2012 RTW were out. But to be honest, I'm pretty dissapointed. :/ (Cue dramatic music)

You have the essences that make up for a Pugh collection ; Fur, leather, intense drapery and religious iconography but what I felt was lacking as orginality. If you've been following him for a while but even take some time to look at his previous collections, you'd realize that lots of elements were repeated. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he "lifted" some elements of his FW 2012 and Spring 2012. It's ok love, maybe you'll bring something better for the next collection.

Just a lil' intensely low-res sneak peek of what I've been wearing around recently. My new spinal bone harness from OS (Kindly gifted by the OS boys, love you two! <3), my new Izzue drop-crotch pants from Hongkong and shoes from some Hongkong mall! And say hello to my new travel buddy aka Winston the llama. Hahaha we ride hard.

On another note, I'm trying to churn out more outfit posts cause I bought LOTS of shit but work is so tiring and I don't have any chances. BRB TRYNA TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY FELLOW INTERNS HAHAHAHA <3 YOU 2.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I heard your voice as clear as day, And you told me I should concentrate.

As I'm typing this entry (On a total lack of sleep from 2 days of lugging clothing around town), I honestly have no ideas where to begin about my Hongkong trip because of the surge of emotions I felt throughout the trip.

It's one of those feelings you get walking in the light drizzle on the Hongkong night streets with cold wind in your hair, street lights twinkling as you wince from the cold and meandering around a crowd of people. It's both hauntingly beautiful and brings you into a whole other world ; and when you finally stop in the middle of the street and take it all in, you wish you can bottle this moment and store it for eternity.

Eating cupfulls of Haagen Daaz on the train whilst watching Disney movies, Being tossed out of bed at 9am by your bff, Eating Dimsum every morning at a quaint little restaurant, roaming around the Hongkong Streets and taking in every sight, sound and feel, sitting by the Hongkong Sea and watching the sun slowly set, Cramming into a restaurant with throngs of people and feasting, Stopping into every shop be it clothing ones or the awesome Shui Liu Shan for mango deserts, Standing still in the middle of a street and taking in the night scenery. Hongkong, you stole my heart entirely.