Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I heard your voice as clear as day, And you told me I should concentrate.

As I'm typing this entry (On a total lack of sleep from 2 days of lugging clothing around town), I honestly have no ideas where to begin about my Hongkong trip because of the surge of emotions I felt throughout the trip.

It's one of those feelings you get walking in the light drizzle on the Hongkong night streets with cold wind in your hair, street lights twinkling as you wince from the cold and meandering around a crowd of people. It's both hauntingly beautiful and brings you into a whole other world ; and when you finally stop in the middle of the street and take it all in, you wish you can bottle this moment and store it for eternity.

Eating cupfulls of Haagen Daaz on the train whilst watching Disney movies, Being tossed out of bed at 9am by your bff, Eating Dimsum every morning at a quaint little restaurant, roaming around the Hongkong Streets and taking in every sight, sound and feel, sitting by the Hongkong Sea and watching the sun slowly set, Cramming into a restaurant with throngs of people and feasting, Stopping into every shop be it clothing ones or the awesome Shui Liu Shan for mango deserts, Standing still in the middle of a street and taking in the night scenery. Hongkong, you stole my heart entirely.

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  1. Such a kitschy (in the best meaning) and fascinating city, it must have been awesome. And you so well described the feeling... I felt the same thing while in London (I'm in love with that city too much for words!) and it's just one of these moments when you can feel the want to live and the melancholic beauty of the scene. <3