Saturday, December 31, 2011

Under that beautiful blue sky, we fell asleep forever.

Long sleeve sweater : J+ for Uniqlo
Drape Vest : Black Peace Now
Harem Pants : Black Peace Now
Cape Cardigan : Unplugged Museum
Leather Harness (worn as belt) : Zana Bayne
Accessories : Montblanc / YSL / Cartier / TheLastNocturne

So I'm back to my usual drapey looks (much to the discontent of my dad) and what other way to welcome back my usual style other than wearing my giant Unplugged Museum cape. It's a real beauty in itself because the fabric is so comfortable and when you walk, it billows around you and most importantly....It makes me feel like a Gareth Pugh model! :3

The Zana Bayne harness was one of my "omg regret much" purchases this year because I ordered the basic harness thinking I could pull it off (ended up looking like I was wearing a bra fml), so I deconstructed it and made it into an X shaped harness. And guess what? Being poor made me decide to figure out new ways to wear it and tadah! I can now wear it as a belt!

It's new year's eve and instead of thinking about resolutions and whether or not I have the courage to leave my room to go pee, I'm obsessing over my Alexander Wang Anouks which I've yet to collect!! ): My poor baby. ):

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