Monday, December 26, 2011

I'd know better, cause you said forever.

Cowl Neck Top : Gadget Grow.
Oversized Knit Cardigan : T by Alexander Wang.
Oversized Maxi Vest : DIY
Skinny Jeans : Topshop
Combat Boots : Salvation Army.

It's currently 1:13am in the morning and 5 days to the new year and here I am thinking ; wow time seriously fucking flew. And to commemorate the incoming of a fresh new year, I decided to create a new blog to document my outfits more seriously because my previous blog was a mish-mash of random verbal vomit and all that is whacked.

So if you're into monochromatic outfits, the occasional artsy-fartsy photos and pictures of more "happening" events in my life, please do suscribe to my blog or bookmark it, (I'm assuming you won't lose it amongst the 93084948849 links you've bookmarked)

Lastly, I'm going to drop 5 random facts about me for my new readers cause I probably sound too serious right about now ;
1) I used to dress in C O L O U R S. My favourite pair of pants were a pair of scottish plaid ones which I outgrew rather quickly. Black seems to be my comfort "colour.
2) My childhood dream was to be a human rights lobbyist. Whilst I think I lack the brains for a more global phenomenon, I'd still like to champion for an anti-maid abuse cause in Singapore.
3) I'm a HARDCORE gamer freak. Back in my youth (Those acne free days), I could play Final Fantasy or the Kingdom Hearts series for 12-18 hours in a row.
4) I don't believe in religion but I believe that everyone should pick a few traits from each religion that resounds out to them and practice it.
5) On a more superficial note, I can eat a truckload of beef.

I guess that's it for my inaugural first post. I shall now proceed to lying in a corner and flipping through Harper Bazaar 2012 January. Till then everybody. x.


  1. HAHAHA omg your 5 random facts!!! WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?? And how did you know I have 93084948849 bookmarked links! Can't wait to read more posts from you over here! I do like your wordpress blog a lot though!

  2. oh duhª I-m SO following.
    you my baby loveª

  3. Cheryl - HAHAHAHAHA FAR FROM CUTE OK. And it's time for a change lah darling! (: See you on Thurs! <3

    Phillipe - Hahaha you're my one and only fashion icon! :D More than Kate Lanphear! <3

  4. I LIKED YOUR WORDPRESS, but this looks promising. hahah. y u so kawaiiizxzxz.
    following and linking! <3

  5. I love your style so much! so definitelly following you : D


    Toni - Thanks love! <3 I ADORE your style too!