Saturday, May 12, 2012

I feel that it's integral to think of a reason for my dissapearance ZOMG HITLER CAT.

Please see above picture of said Hitler cat which I found on the road side and who hisses at me everytime I walk by it. Sometimes I think cats are beyond intelligent beings just that they're suppressed by the fact that they can't speak h00m4n language.

I am obviously talking bullshit.

Anyways, my recent dissapearance can be attributed to ...
- My laptop crashing and leaving me crying (ok la maybe just inducing me into a homocidal rage) at 4am in the morning.
- Disappearing to Manila by myself where I had the most fun of my life.
- Quitting my job at CATALOG and rediscovering my passion for Fashion PR.

I'm currently torrenting over 4gb worth of files into my new functional laptop so....WATCH THIS DAMN SPACE!1!1111 /unintelligible grunting.

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