Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand.

White Shirt - Armani Exchange (LOL SO AHBENG BUT IDGAF)
Striped Sweater - H&M
Striped Pants - Zara
White blazer with black lapels - Zara
Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang
Accessories - Montblanc and YSL

For some bizarre reason I've been wanting to try a full on print suit for AGES. Maybe it was the Celine 3-piece floral suit I saw (Can I just say that I fucking hate how ALL the blogshops are bringing in knockoffs urgh too much floral I'm gonna projectile vomit) or maybe it's the COUNTLESS people on Stockholm Syndrome wearing them.

Grabbed a pair of stripe pants from Zara, knicked a cheap sweater from H&M (If it's cheaper than my lunch, I'll buy it. #logicalreasoning), I AM NOW CHIC...Ok wtf I'm 2 seasons late HAHAHAHAHA. /yaoming.jpeg

And does anybody else find it bizarre when blogshops are all OH THIS IS A ZARA/TOPSHOP/H&M REPLICA when clearly, the brands above all rip higher-end brands off. It's like a circle jerk of knock-off-ery I can't even!!!

Oh I'm having a headache but it makes me look TONNES more chic if I press my hand against my forehead. 

Ok I kid, I just look horrible whenever I look at the camera. 

Funny anecdote time again ; I was in the pantry making myself some coffee+milo (Starbucks, take note, this is totes yummers) when an interviewee came in and was all HAY S'CUSE ME MISS I'M LOOKING FOR JAZMIN THE EDITOR.

Cue me being all :'D. You guys, I think that maybe this menswear-inspired looks ain't working. People still think I have boobs. 

If they do, I hope they think I'm a hot chick with a ridiculously flat chest.

Yup. :'D

I am a ghost who haunts your house and hides in your closet. From that vantage point, I will peek at you as you go about your daily business. 

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