Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I used to laugh at plankton because he’s married to a computer but now I am plankton.

Drape Leather Jacket - Vintage Japan
Chiffon Top - The Handlebar
Faust Vest - SomethingNoir
Wide Leg Pants - Vintage Prada
Bowler Hat - Asos
Circle Shades - Karmaloop

I'm currently in this whole OH HEY GUYS LET'S TRY OUT NEW LOOKS kind of phase and my current obsession are these pair of Vintage Prada wide-leg pants! My parents decided that my pre-enlistment gift shall be a Vintage Prada pantsuit because they think I need to look more butch. It's ironic cause I think I can start pulling off more bizarre shit when I enlist.

The real question is...How the fuck did my mum manage to navigate Ebay when she doesn't even know how to play songs using itunes? Parents...We really don't give them much credit based on their technological intelligence.

I'm finally leaving my job (Currently busying myself with fashion PR) in 2 days and I really can't fucking wait to buy some clothes, shoes and most importantly....HAVE A REALLY DEEP SLEEP. OR BETTER YET, GO INTO A COMA. :'D

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