Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ceremonials and Celebrations.

Gideon Shirt - HEIST  /  Cropped Asymmetrical Cape - Margiela  /  Faux Fur Coat - Zara  /  Ripped Skinnies - Virginblak  /  Drape Gauze Boots - Rick Owens  /  Fringe Lunchbag Clutch - Vintage  / Bowler Hat - Asos

Some pics waaaay back from the Parco FW Designer Presentation (Notice how Bella is giving good face hahaha). In other words, I have finally POP-ed which means I'm no longer the lowest form of life in the Singapore Armed Forces! :') Plus, Manila in 2 days! Watch this space guys!!!

PS : I won the FeistHeist streestyle competition zomg!!! Love you guys for your support!!! Xx

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