Monday, January 30, 2012

So don't feed me to the fire and I won't let you down.

So my classmates and I decided it'll be fun and extremely sado-masochistic to gorge ourselves silly on ramen @ Ramen Champion after a boring field trip. I mean srsly? Bringing us to a museum to look at an exhibition bout Singapore's history? No thanks.

I mean, some of my more idiotic classmates don't even know who Singapore's first president is. Have a nice life ya'll.

Bitchiness aside...PICTURE SPAMZ.
You mean we can haz food na0z? :333 Rly? You srz?
I'm actually quite surprised there's so little people coming to Ramen Champion because I think the concept is uber cute. 6 Ramen chefs competing in a popularity contest. And Bario is pretty good looking LOLOLOL. Superficiality aside, his portions are AMAZING. Like "it can feed an obese kid for at least 2 days" kind of amazing.

Colossal bowl of ramen which is nearly the size of one of Kim Kardashian's ass cheek.

Yes, Bario doesn't fuck around with generosity. It is THAT. BIG.
A wild chinese boy spotted. Escape before it blasts Jay Chou's rap music at you HAHAHAHAHA.
DIY torn hoodie - Asos.
Skull Printed Shirt - Zipia.
Scuffed Skinnies - VirginBlak.
Doc Marten Knockoffs - Far East Plaza.
Spiked Headband - DIY.
Accessories - DIY / Taiwan / M)Phosis / TheLastNocturne/ Etc.
Woke up in the morning and felt the urge to pay homage to Lisbth Salander because everybody knows my obsession with tough-ass chicks and feminine-looking boys. Don't ask bout the latter, Andrej Pejic might just be my spirit animal.
Felt like one of those days where you can pile on 8493893873837387 accessories despite them getting in the way when you eat. Cue hurling your chopsticks at an SPG-er in frustration. I glue-ed multiple spikes on the top right brace cause I'm ghetto like that and some fell out. Brb weeping and glueing em' back.
Because Lisbeth Salander is all gritty-as-fuck and looks like she came from the hood (A somewhat fashionable one LOL), I decided to rip apart a hoodie I stole from my brother the other day! :D I basically attacked it with scissors, dragged it around a granite floor and let my dog maul it and now, it has this lovely worn in look.

Maybe 2012 calls for a style change where I start embracing gritty tough textures. You know, in an attempt to look more PuNk_B0ii_R0ckEr. I kid I kid.