Sunday, January 8, 2012

We set our sights on these city lights.

Leather Jacket with Drape Lapels - All Saints
Mandarin Collar Top - Cotton On
Shift Vest - ComplexGeometries
Geometric Harem Pants - SomethingNoir
Engineer Boots - H&M
Kirsten Satchel - Alexander Wang
Chrome Cuffs - H&M
S&M Choker - DIY

My saturday was spent traipsing across the Botanic Gardens for 2 AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS CAUSE... brilliant old me led my friends towards the wrong exit HAHAHAHAHA I AM INSANELY INTELLIGENT. Managed to find Botak's Backyard after playing the Penis Game (I won of course cause I'm shameless like that), singing to Journey - Don't Stop Believing at the top of our lungs and nearly falling into a ravine. Just an average outing as usual.

Finally wore my SomethingNoir pants out and DAMN ARE THEY COMFY. And I actually noticed that they have a bit of a robin egg blue in them so technically I am wearing colour. Oh did I mention, these pants have elastic waist bands so it's easier to pee. :D Yes, I have no sense of propriety.

On another happy note, I feel like my skin's finally improving. For those who don't know, I went on Roaccutane 3 months ago and for the first 2 months, I had full-blown acne where 80% of my face was covered with them. ): And I'm finally 3/4 in my 1st trimester (LOL) and I feel like it's finally smoothing out! :D And you know what that means...


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