Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sleep the summer chill, And sheets of linen,

Inner Collar-less Top - Cotton On
Faux-Fur Fringe Poncho - Gadget Grow
Skull-Printed Pants - Yahoo Japan Auctions
Silver Collar Necklace - H&M

Despite it being CNY and the tradition of not wearing black being fucking ridiculous, I am thankful that Vicki's mum is hella cool bout it! :D And I remember a period of time where I used to buy clothing from YJA like...A FIEND. 4800yen pants which are one of a kind? I AM SOLD.

To further add on to my silver jewellery addiction, here's the latest addition to my family! :3 Swear to god, shopping for accessories at H&M is FUCKING ADDICTIVE. Prices never hit $20 and that's my weakness. T_T I'm expecting a pair of chrome cuffs from TheCultLabel soon! :D
Got chio lighting so must spam picture and act chio like those typical bloggers who think they have looks but end up have no substance and some of them type like this wah fucking irritating.
Say hello to the ~*~love~*~ of my life (Besides my closet). Hahaha my 9 year old shih-tzu who was creatively named...CANDY. It's really sad cause school has taken such a toll on me that I rarely have time to spend with her anymore. ): I'M SORRY BABY I'LL SPEND MORE TIME WITCHU I PROMISE. T_T
Just a little background information ; everybody has a few friends who you rarely hang out with but when you get together, it's as if nothing has changed and you're still close as EVER. And yes, these friends are Vicki and Belinda! HAPPY 6 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP BITCHES. Cheers to our old Chinese Orchestra days HAHAHAHAHA THOSE WERE THE BEST OF TIMES.

And the above picture is the first thing I noticed when I entered the house. Extravagant are the Chows.

"Act atas leh, wear one piece shirt leh HAHAHAHAHA".
I have no idea what Stanley is doing here LOL. He always acts stone-like like he's on drugs but once in a while, he does something funny.

Swear to god, Belinda's hair gets funkier and funkier errtime I see her. HAHAHAHA BELINDA WHEN ARE YOU GONNA DO A BUZZ CUT?! And note to self, buy hair dye on Wednesday cause my roots are fuckin' disgusting.
Lmao Annabelle looks like she's pointing the middle finger.
Watched Pirates of the Carribean ; Strangers Tide (When I saw watch, I mean only the guys whilst the girls gossiped). Am I the only one that thinks the one MERMAID X HUMAN love was kinda bizarre? O_o "Oh she's so fucking hot even though she has a tail DAYUM ME GUSTA."

Brought a bottle of wine and ended up finishing it by myself. Hedonistic ; I am.


Brb sleeping my entire day away cause my father's side of the family forbids anybody visiting to wear black awwwwwwwwwyeah.

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