Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When I lay with you and close my eyes, Our fingers touch the sky.

Tank Top - H&M
Drape Sweater - Gadget Grow
Leather Sleeved Blazer - Revolve Clothing
Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Combat Boots - Ann Demeulemeester
Half-tinted Glasses - Nastygal

A first-day-of-school outfit to combat the intense blues I felt which is ironic considering black is such a depressing colour. Hahaha most of the time, people ask if I'm depressed or an anti-social freak. Random fact ; The jeans, boots and top are key pieces I bought in 2009 and I wear them to DEATH because they really are stuff I can forsee myself wearing even when I'm 60 years old and on a wheelchair. Nothing beats pieces you can pull on in a hurry and still look decent.

Another random fact, I was standing in the middle of the carpark taking this picture because I was so insistent on taking an outfit picture and it was funny seeing cars drive by with the drivers being all O_o. Apparently my family has this reputation in the estate for being a nut-job one HAHAHAHA.

My mum is the head bitch in charge who isn't afraid of scolding people if they piss her off. I'm the ~*`gothic fashion kid~*~, my bro is the punk_boy95 who'll fuck your daughter cause he's a pai kia and my dad is the silent Mufasa-esque one. Yup, the people's view of us in a nutshell.
Picked up a pair of Something Noir pants for a cheap steal...ONLY $18!!! Such a steal and considering how they're so reminiscent of visuals in a Gareth Pugh film, I shall now express my joy by dancing in an awkward manner. And a package from mah homie Paul Jatayna (www.paulhighness.com)! <3

A talon necklace zomg. <3 It'll prolly take me a while to get used to it because I'm so used to seeing crow claws, crosses and what-not-animal-parts but I could get used to how different it looks! <3 Gonna place it over a choker and wear the fuck out of it cause it's such a nice piece.

On another happier note, I finally met up with 2 of my secondary school mates for ice cream yesterday. HAHAHAHA damn was it hilariously entertaining (Like a Kardashian spoof) cause we basically bitched bout teachers and students we hated. Damn, was my secondary school filled with fucktards who have no EQ, sense of style or a proper grasp of english. Can't wait to hang with them again though and angst over how boring our literature class was and lurk around like hobos.

And finally, the Swensens Giant Earthquake which I am developing an unhealthy addiction to. This does not bode well especially since I discounts for EVERY MONTH of 2012 for Swensens. Someone out there is conspiring to make me fat. ):

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