Thursday, January 12, 2012

It feels like me, on a good day.

So my Short Media Production team-mates and I decided to go ROLLER BLADING after the documentation of our film (When I mean documentation, I basically meant faking being productive and trying not to curse PRC people for getting into our frames) and guess whose idea was it?

Yes. The sadistic bastard is I because my masochism has reached an all new height HAHAHA. We basically spent over 3 hours (30 minutes was spent trying to manoeuvre out of the store, I kid you not) and the rest was spent screaming, falling and laughing at each other. Sans Wenhui cause she basically gave up 1/10 of the way HAHAHAHAHAHA POOR WENHUI. Does anybody else think that Singapore's weather is bipolar like Mariah Carey's weight? DAMN IS IT FUCKING HOT NOWADAYS.

It makes me really sad that I've gotten really close to nearly everybody in my course this semester when we're reaching the finale lap of our poly life (3 more weeks!) but a small positive part of me is telling me to stop being fucking sad and embrace what little time we have left together. :/ Expect to see more of their faces on this blog soon though. :D We're planning to go to the Woodlands Industrial Park next week to buy sashimi actually. NOT SHITTING YOU.

On a more boring note, I REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS BLOG IMAGE SIZING SOON. Wow are my photos super compressed or what?!?!

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