Monday, January 23, 2012

We live in the promises of tomorrow's dream.

Somehow, I feel that 2012 should be a year where you reunite with old friends ; those you've stopped contacting because of busy schedules or what not.
This is Su! Hahaha the person who always entertains me during lunch cause she's probably the only one in the office that responds to my stupid dirty topics HAHAHAHA. Can't believe she's a mum of 3 by the way. ): Gurrrrl is fabulous wtf her Louboutin collection.

Pretty sad how I'm tied down to my phone all the time. Come to High Tea ; Constantly check phone for work emails.
Say hello to Nisah too! My fellow pantry-raider and blogshopping-fiend. Countless hours have been spent blog shopping during lunch and complaining that our pantry is out of food. I remember wiping out the entire office stock of granola bars in under 3 days HAHAHAHAHA.
I think we were talking about boob jobs here. No idea why my hands are on my face ; some things are better left unsolved.

The following pictures are that of food porn so if you're reading this at 1am cause you're rushing work thanks to your procrastinating nature, I apologize.

Month 4 of Roaccutane is on the horizon and I can safely say that my skin is improving leaps and bounds! :3 I still have random small patches of acne and the residual scarring is non-to-be-desired, but I'd take smooth scarred skin over a lumpy one anytime. God bless you Doctor Chua. <3

Best thing about high-tea at the Hilton Hotel is that it's quiet. Like pin-drop quiet, no joke. Maybe because there's a lack of annoying children (the kind where you'd wanna break their necks without batting an eyelid) or china people. Life is good.
"Hey omg have ya'll seen this video called Ice Cream Truck?!"
Watching dirty videos at High Tea cause we're classy as fuck.

Thanks Su for the free high-tea! <3 We'll kiss the soles of your Louboutin-clad feet and help you dry-clean your amazing collection of jackets.
Cowl Turtle-neck Sweater - Ann Demeulemeester.
Faux-Fur Vest - Zara.
Harem Pants - Black Peace Now.
Blazer Trench - H&M.
Kirsten Satchel - Alexander Wang.
Anouck Beatle Boots - Alexander Wang.

Went all out for the styling that day because I decided that it'll be fun to dress up after AGES of dressing down in school. Can you believe that I got this lovely faux-fur vest in like, August but up till now I've never seen an opportunity to wear it? ): I'm sorry baby, I'LL WEAR YOU MORE OFTEN I PROMISE. Does anybody else believe that clothes have feelings or am I just fucking delusional LOLOLOL JKJKJK.
Despite being insanely gorgeous thanks to the mirrored heel and shape, these pair of shoes RAPED my feet hard. The wedge is slightly uncomfortable and the front is so pointed that it squished my poor toes. But after 2 days of suffering in them and whining, they now fit nicely and are not longer feet-rapists. Me gusta.

Paparazzi shoot-ing at the 34degrees carpark cause we're sado-masochistic like that.

And off we went to Orchard whilst blasting Timberland and headbanging + rapping in the car. Despite thinking Rihanna songs are annoying as hell (S&M? Srsly?), we managed to learn the rap to Talk that Talk HAHAHAHAHA JUDGE ON PEOPLE.
"Tour guide cum Translator look".
Nisah's kick-ass shoes! <3 Hahaha which she is trying to break ASAP. Like break into pieces kind of break I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Camped outside A&F to go in cause it was Nisah's virgin experience. Glad to say her first time was awesome. (Omg my dog just decided it'll be ok to lie on my Gadget Grow fur-poncho brb shooing her away)
Su with her new eye-candy of the day HAHAHAHAHA. I'd talk about a nickname we gave him but let's keep it PG yeah! D: And lmao when she took the photo with him, she was all OMG I'M EYE LEVEL WITH YOUR NIPPLE. Take notice of his hand by the way, HAHAHAHA SU, YOU STILL GOT IT GURRRRRRL.
Camped outside Topshop cause the rain was fucking insane. For those of you wondering, no we're not watching more dirty videos.
Ended the day with a lovely rainbow, driving along the highway whilst listening to Nelly, dancing in the office to Nicki Minaj (WE LOVE YOUR BLACK SINGERS), photoshopping pictures and generally having a good time. Can't wait for more outings! <3


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