Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'll always remember, those were the best of times.

Celebrated Boon's (Or as we call him CB - CHINESE BOY LOL) birthday on Saturday and damn did it take a WHOLE LOT of preparation (Equivalent to preparing for a World War, not kidding) to make it right and I'm glad it it. ('; From buying the cake, to bugging the Party World lady for the cutest balloon they had to lying on the road-side for 20 minutes in the 32 degree weather for a cab. All I can say is, Boon, you'd better be fucking appreciate HAHAHAHAHA.
Maxi Cape Vest - DIY
Tank Top - H&M
S&M Corset Pants - Zipia
Combat Boots - Salvation Army
Giant Satchel Bag - Bata

I've been wearing this maxi cape vest a lot lately as of late because it really is the perfect vest! It's not too heavy, is structured like a Gareth Pugh one (LOL I WOULD SELL MY SPERM DUCTS FOR A GP VEST) and best of all, it shifts shape as the day goes by. One minute it looks like a cape, then the next it collapses into an asymmetrical one and the next, it becomes a half cropped half winged one.

All you really need is some cloth and cut in 2 arm holes. :3 I predict that I can wear it at least 15 ways.
I know I'm REALLY REALLY late on this trend but dayummmmmm are Plexi-acrylic accessories gorgeous! I'm actually really lusting for the Simone Rocha plexi-glass wedges. ): And since I'm too poor right now to pay $34 fuckin' dollars for a 6'by'4 piece of acrylic, I wore those shirt-stiff-eners out as a transparent choker! Ghetto as hell but I kinda to like it.
Mag and I are always so animated when we talk. I think it's really rare to find someone who's as nonsensical as you HAHAHAHAHA. We're like the modern day version of Bert and Ernie except you know, Mag lacks a certain part of the male anatomy.
Dhinesh and Blake giving the Jackie Chan 9Gag face. I'm feeling guilty as I type this cause I converted Blake into a HARDCORE 9Gag face HAHAHAHA. He used to be all -_- whenever I made him look as posts BUT WHO'S THE ONE VIEWING 9GAG ALL THE TIME NOW.
Me being a greedy fucker cause food < posing for photos.
Regardless of what you say, I sincerely believe that every boy/girl had an ahbeng/ahlian phase when they were in secondary school. DON'T LIE OR YOUR PRIVATES WILL SHRINK LOL.
Camwhore level ; Asian.
Hey Chinese boy, if you're reading this, I hope you enjoyed your birthday even though she embarrassed the fuck out you HAHAHAHAHA. Even though I verbally abuse you on a daily basis, I'm thankful you're kind enough not to physically abuse me LOL.
Trollin' da streets at 11pm at night. All in a day's work for us media students aka. Slaves to the RP system of education.
Ending this picture of us hanging out at Macdonald's at 4am (We left at 6am, yes, in the fucking morning) whilst being terrified to death of this tranny who loitered around making sexual advances at men.

Singapore's night life ; You never fail to amuse me.

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