Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seven days in sunny June , But long enough to bloom.

Leather Jacket - AMEN  /  White Shirt - Armani Exchange  /  Linen Pants - Michael by Michael Kors
Tuxedo Vest - Jil Sanders  /  Pony Hair Wedges - DEPRESSION  / Perspex Clutch - Muji
Accessories - Karmaloop , TheCultLabel, YSL, OS-Accessories

Wore this outfit (In my ever ridiculous attempts to channel Lanphear, I am considering changing my fb name to...BRYAN LANPHEAR LOL JKJKJKJKJK) to the Straits Times fashion event thinggamabob. 

Pants and vest were part of an unexpected purchase from the designer vintage sale at B.O.B...this is what happens when you have a weak shopping spot and the sales aunties know how to exploit it. Within 10 minutes of exasperatedly starting at my friend and considering how nearly all my food was being paid by the SAF...I coughed up 3/4 of my meagre allowance lol fml! :'DDD

Word of note, this jacket is prolly gonna be worn SUPER frequently by me in the next coming posts! I'm even considering buying one more to slice up into a vest cause the draping is bananas!

Photo credits to the amazing John Tan from!


  1. dint know muji has that bag!!!! omg i must see it for myself. such a smart kid , you!