Sunday, August 12, 2012

One for the money , Two for the show.

I wish this relatively beautiful picture would lead me to tell a beautiful story like perhaps us wandering and being lead into this area by talking squirrels but all I can say is... Annie of and I sneaked into private property to take outfit shots. Despite knowing the fact that we'd be handcuffed (No kinks here ya'll) and dragged away to prison albeit fashionably should the police see us.
 And hi everybody by the way! :'D
Chiffon Top - TheHandleBar  /  Jacquar Blazer - FEIST  /  Sigrid Cape Jacket - FEIST
Basic black pants - JPG Cruise  /  Balenciaga Knockoffs - TheLastNocturne  / 
Leather Harness - ASOS
Daily heat conditioning in Tekong = Ability to wear heavier layers. I reckon I could wear a fur jacket over and not get into a OMG WTF IS HAPPENING TO HIM heat-exhaustion induced seizure. 

Plus for my upcoming birthday (Which I will be spending digging a hole for myself to sleep in...:'D), my friends got me a FEIST voucher. I wonder how they knew... /shifty eyes.
 Cape Top - TheScarletRoom  /  Studded Shorts - TheScarletRoom  /  
Snakeskin Studded Oxfords - Jimmy Choo for H&M

Hello Annie O aka one of the many good friends I've met angsting over the phone in a desperate attempt for them to loan me clothing for fashion shoots. True friendships are made of this! :')

And after 2 months of putting off our meetups...we've finally met OMG GIRRRRL MISS YA SHO MUCH WORXXX X0X0X0 <3 <3 <3
Nothing like friends who dress exceptionally weather-appropriate. I would too but 99.999999% of my wardrobe is F/W-esque. 

An intervention is really apt and necessary...
Not gonna type anything so ya'll can admire the intense beauty that is Annie's shoes.

On a bitchier and more karmic-inducing note, how is Jimmy Choo such a shoe designing god but yet...his son is some creepy as fuck otaku who gives his japanese dolls breast implants and goes to events looking creepy as fuck? Yes I repeated creepy as fuck twice but yet it doesn't exemplify my distaste for him.
To Coastal Settlement we go~ /o/ When I first heard bout it, suaku me was all OMG IS IT NEAR THE BEACH SO NICE CAN PRETEND WE'RE AT THE MALDIVES!!!

And when we reached I was all ... oh... greenery... But that's not to say I don't find the place chio la!!!
Omg so Annie Leibovitz!!! Nothing beats hanging out at a relatively ulu place and looking at ang moh kids frolicking around at a playground as the sun sets and you start crying cause the world is so beautiful and you've never felt so alone before and when the world stops at an axis you feel like nothing is ever going to be okay again like the protagonist from a nicholas sparks book what the fuck am I typing
Interior shot of the restaurant cause that's what everybody does right?
One more for posterity!
The #totesamaze Bangers and Mash I had. When I did some research on why the seemingly bizarre name...this is what I got ;

"The term "bangers" is attributed to the fact that sausages, particularly the kind made during World War II under rationing, were made with water so they were more likely to explode under high heat if not cooked carefully; "

Wow and I thought my life was rough! :'D
Rest of the evening transpired into being harassed by an Indian expatriate's kids (and resisting the urge to hurl them off the swings) , smoking as if our lungs are made of steel, lazing around (what is new?) and talking bout whether the Givenchy Pandora mini is worth the purchase.

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