Sunday, September 16, 2012

And every night we'll watch the stars, They'll be out for us. And every night, the city lights They'll be out for us.

Faux Fur Fringe Poncho - Gadget Grow  /  Fringe-Fur Coat - Vintage Max Mara  /  DIY Spiked Collar Top - Calvin Klein  /  Drop Crotch Pants - Izzue  /  Combat Boots - Salvation Army  /  Leather Belt worn as Neckpiece - Zana Bayne 

    Dressed up with inspiration from the Yeti in Mulberry's FW campaign (I kid you not, I really love those yetis) / Sharing a table with innocent families at Ippudo and discussing the plot of 50 Shades of Grey (Fyi I only made it to page 4) / Worrying bout the msg content of the ramen until I realized I don't have hair... only fuzz atop my head / Having pretentious coffee at Starbucks cause anything with soy milk sounds more pretentious / Perching precariously atop beams at Parco whilst trying to prevent ourselves from falling 849839839833metres / Dressing up like a sheep herder meets homeless person / Revelling in Becca's height and Alexa Chungness / Going out with someone so colourful makes you look even more g0Th and d3PresS3d / Stumbling into the world of Tron and being distressed like an obese kid at a salad bar / Some of the people I spent sleeping with in a stuffy bunk for the past 13 weeks ; I <3 you bitches.

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