Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster.

Leather Lapel Jacket - Vintage  /  Leather Vest - AMEN  /  Virgin Versace Shirt - Proud Race  /  Skinny Jeans - Topshop  /  Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang  /  Robyn Hobo Bag - Alexander Wang  /  Beanie - Virginblak 
1) Shoved my Steve.M's into the freezer in the morning in a despo attempt to stretch them out. Bitches still be hella tight. Why am I typing like a black girl?
2) Candy looking wistfully at her container of doggy treats which I refuse to give her cause nothing is more uncomfy than waking up with an obese dog lying on your chest hahaha. One day I think I'll just suffocate to death... :')
3) Meeting with the super fab Azawi David from M.O.D.A mag on our next collab for 6 shoots. #challengeaccepted
4) What we came out with after 20 minutes cause we were too busy dissecting NFW and checking tourists out. You really can't put 2 superficial people together and expect work to be done HAHAHAHA.
6) Camwhorage before we go off for clothes sourcing. Azawi looking extremely hapz whilst I look apprehensive. I am obviously not seasoned enough for being a stylist... 
7) Harassed Sunny Lim from MILS for some pieces and begged Daniela of Mash Up to lend us her laptop to check out some model's comm cards. Can't wait to snap some behind the scene pics next week! Lots of yummy models hnrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
8) Ladies...hold your orgasms cause this is the Singaporean Tommy Ton hahaha. Check John's work out @! Amazing work! John if you're reading me anot?
9) Boys night out whereas we ate a shitload of crap from macdonald's (And conveniently eavesdropped on teenage girl ~*~conversations~*~. Wow you kids really have issues...) and people watched. People are still wearing waterfall chiffon skirts?!?!
10) I r4G3 4GaIn5T dA mAcH1n3 cause I'm cool like that... ;)
11) Picture of my face cause everybody knows I'm super buay paisei like that HAHAHAHA.
12) Arm 5wagg3r cause I thought I could be cool like Kate Lanphear hahaha not even 10% close fml!!!

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