Friday, January 11, 2013

Young hearts spark fire.

Tank Top - H&M  /  Layered Vests - Complex Geometries and Zara  /  Skinny Jeans - H&M  /  Cutout Sandals - Vintage.

Hey guys, I've hit the opposite of the holy trinity of what my usual outfit posts contain ; 
1) Shooting in a carpark at ungodly hours of the night
2) Wearing sunglasses (Contrary to popular belief, I do not have wonky eyes. Or a single one. LOL)
3) Looking away from the camera to act cool or pensive (Ok scratch that I just look homicidal facing forwards)

So as per my new year resolution of going minimal, I think I'm hitting it really well. No more arm accouterments (I really detest the word arm-swag or arm-candy) and such. Just sublime draping, textures and the odd ring or two. Am thinking of shooting at simpler backgrounds too but it's near impossible to find the perfect white wall.

It's akin to Britney Spear's releasing a good song nowadays. It just rarely happens... RIP Britney. Toxic was my childhood groove.

And I just noticed how much fairer my face is now...I'd like to blame Laneige's day cream. It's like there's bleach inside or something HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK.

Beautiful draping at the back courtesy of the genius that is Clayton Evans. It's almost easy to say that you can just diy your own pieces because after all it's just jersey but there's a way the fabric falls perfectly. 

And once again my burgeoning ass is protruding like a sore thumb HAHAHAHA I NEED TO GET OFF THE STATIONARY BIKE. Joke of the day ; I fell off it one day cause I was so tired and proceeded to writhe on the floor in agony.

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  1. Come to my house, there's a white wall at my lift area for you to take photos with. Just don't mind one of my neighbours - he likes to come outside and tend to his plants that's all over his side of the corridor.