Sunday, January 6, 2013

I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal.

Knit Top - Muji  /  Sweat Pants - Uniqlo  /  Readjusted Leather Jacket - MMM for H&M  /  Wedge Boots - Rick Owens  /  Accessories - OS-Accessories, Proud Race, Alexander Wang, MMM for H&M

"Oh my fucking god you look like a boy" was the first thing my fave puta Nadia ( said when we met. That my friends, is the beauty of sweat pants. Not only do they allow you to hop over drains, bend down easily to pick stuff up (beeeeeend and snap!) but they also seem to make your ass the size of Kim K's and J.lo's...combined.

Concocting a way to surgically attach my new Owens to my feet because it's nice to tower over my friends to use them as arm rests (<3 ya Peiqi hahaha) and breathe fresh air on public transport! :')

Happy POP to my fave chinese boy hahahaha (if you don't know which one is he then wow... just wow... LOL). Life gets better when you're in the unit cause you sleep all day and get inebriated all night. 

I'm posting pretty frequently on the H1P5t3R-ism that is instagram so follow me up guys if you're interested! It's @bryangohey. 

Off I go for an early dinner cause the fam pack loves doing so at 5pm. #hausofgoh