Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When you’re 21, you’re no fun.

 Enlarged Leather Jacket - Vintage  /  Gideon Shirt - HEIST  /  Skinny Jeans - H&M  /  
Bowler Bag - Zara  / Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang  /  
Accessories - NastyGal , OS, AMEN Label, DIY.

 Everytime I listen to Azealia Bank's - Seventeen, I feel like August 25 (shameless pimping) is the year I slide across the oil slick witch is adulthood into what might be possibly my first quarter life crisis. But that's not the point ya HAHAHAHAHA.

Spent the day out with my +63 boys to gorge ourselves on hawker food, cry at Workshop Elements over K.T.Z and basically introduce to them how pathetic shopping in Singapore is. Brought my new oversized leather jacket for a run (Surprisingly it doesn't induce much heat nor make me want to pass out in this inferno of a weather) and my new DIY leather belt. Which point in case, had my index and little finger sliced open whilst trying to make it.

Got the bag (Suspiciously looking like a knockoff from The Row) at a steal whilst wrestling with guilt despite being egged on by my army colleague. I REGRET NOTHING.

And look at dem sleeves. Juun J perfection xx. 

It's real cray how in this age, you actually meet the best of friends from overseas through social media. I mean, we went from messaging each other on Lookbook to being the bestest of friends and to visiting each other on different continents. 

And I'm so so glad these boys are finally getting recognition for their accessories. Can't wait for them to get really big WE'RE TALKING PFW YAW.

Then again Pauly likes to do derpy stuff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ILU PAULY.

Friday, January 18, 2013

You've got a warm heart, You've got a beautiful brain.

The air was soft, the stars so fine.
The promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Young hearts spark fire.

Tank Top - H&M  /  Layered Vests - Complex Geometries and Zara  /  Skinny Jeans - H&M  /  Cutout Sandals - Vintage.

Hey guys, I've hit the opposite of the holy trinity of what my usual outfit posts contain ; 
1) Shooting in a carpark at ungodly hours of the night
2) Wearing sunglasses (Contrary to popular belief, I do not have wonky eyes. Or a single one. LOL)
3) Looking away from the camera to act cool or pensive (Ok scratch that I just look homicidal facing forwards)

So as per my new year resolution of going minimal, I think I'm hitting it really well. No more arm accouterments (I really detest the word arm-swag or arm-candy) and such. Just sublime draping, textures and the odd ring or two. Am thinking of shooting at simpler backgrounds too but it's near impossible to find the perfect white wall.

It's akin to Britney Spear's releasing a good song nowadays. It just rarely happens... RIP Britney. Toxic was my childhood groove.

And I just noticed how much fairer my face is now...I'd like to blame Laneige's day cream. It's like there's bleach inside or something HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK.

Beautiful draping at the back courtesy of the genius that is Clayton Evans. It's almost easy to say that you can just diy your own pieces because after all it's just jersey but there's a way the fabric falls perfectly. 

And once again my burgeoning ass is protruding like a sore thumb HAHAHAHA I NEED TO GET OFF THE STATIONARY BIKE. Joke of the day ; I fell off it one day cause I was so tired and proceeded to writhe on the floor in agony.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal.

Knit Top - Muji  /  Sweat Pants - Uniqlo  /  Readjusted Leather Jacket - MMM for H&M  /  Wedge Boots - Rick Owens  /  Accessories - OS-Accessories, Proud Race, Alexander Wang, MMM for H&M

"Oh my fucking god you look like a boy" was the first thing my fave puta Nadia ( said when we met. That my friends, is the beauty of sweat pants. Not only do they allow you to hop over drains, bend down easily to pick stuff up (beeeeeend and snap!) but they also seem to make your ass the size of Kim K's and J.lo's...combined.

Concocting a way to surgically attach my new Owens to my feet because it's nice to tower over my friends to use them as arm rests (<3 ya Peiqi hahaha) and breathe fresh air on public transport! :')

Happy POP to my fave chinese boy hahahaha (if you don't know which one is he then wow... just wow... LOL). Life gets better when you're in the unit cause you sleep all day and get inebriated all night. 

I'm posting pretty frequently on the H1P5t3R-ism that is instagram so follow me up guys if you're interested! It's @bryangohey. 

Off I go for an early dinner cause the fam pack loves doing so at 5pm. #hausofgoh