Friday, April 6, 2012

You remind me of a former love that I once knew, And you carry little peace with you.

Leather Lapel Jacket aka Rick Owens Knockoff - Yahoo Japan Auctions
DIY Torn Hoodie - Asos
Drop Crotch Harem Pants - Izzue
Army Boots - Salvation Army
Remodelled Harness - Zana Bayne

I've been in this experimentation mood lately (My friend was like, "Are you experimenting with sexual stuff or what? Why so kinky one?" when I briefly told her I was doing so) with my style because I find that I've reached this stage in my ~*~fashiun b0y~*~ life where it's stagnant.

SO BAM. Rick Owens FW2011 inspired look? LET'S DO IT. I'm quite into these looks lately ;
1) Usual drapey nonsense where I look like a walking black lump.
2) A more downtorn urban look where I pretend I'm part of an apocalypse army.
3) Menswear inspired looks. (But aren't I a man already?)
4) ~*~Casual Chic~*~ aka I don't give a fuck bout what I'm wearing.

Grabbed a pair of these Izzue pants in Hongkong cause I've been lusting for one since 2009 but for some strange cosmic reason, haven't gotten down to buying one. It kinda makes me look like I have monstrously huge testicles or like I took a giant shit in my pants but... I LOVE IT SO MUCH HAHAHAHA. I can now actually bend down to pick stuff up without much trouble. :'D

And these Salvation Army boots? $8 from the one near my house hahaha. They're crazy comfortable and make me feel like I can kick ahbeng/matrep ass.

Ok maybe the skinnier ones cause just the force from a kick with these babies might shatter their pelvic bones.

Funny story to end this post ;
I got the basic Zana Bayne harness a few months ago and when it came, I was tremendously dissapointed because on my long torso, it looked like fucking kinky bra. And I was actually wearing it shirtless when my Dad walked in and was all...

"Son is there something you wanna tell me?"

Hope this story made your day hahaha.