Sunday, July 29, 2012

We can fight our desires , But when we start making fires.

Pretty old outing pictures but cannot waste la hor? LOL SO SINGAPOREAN. Dimsum breakfast with the folks where I gesture awkwardly at the dimsum aunties in a convoluted attempt to get them to pass wickers of har gao.

To further highlight my constant penchant for good food cause of my hedonistic ways, here's a picture of the interior of Jones the Grocer. Which is surprisingly pretty cheap... This can't be good right? :'D

HuNg 0uTxXx with Jackie of and Cheryl of We're kinda like the mating rituals of certain animals...We usually hang out every 5-6 months hahaha. And when we do, we usually come up with very insulting phrases towards each other HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

"Why are you such a trendy bitch?"
"Eh cheebye why you eat until like my dog?"
"Lau hong max la you" 

I love my friends! :'D

White blazer with black lapels - Zara  /  Leather Jacket worn as vest - All Saints
DIY spiked shirt - Calvin Klein  /  Skinny Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Spinal Harness - OS-Accessories  /  Robyn Hobo and Anouck Boots - Alexander Wang

 Ombre denim jacket - Tunnel Vision  /  Denim Bralet - Topshop  /  Leather Shorts - Editor's Market
Necklace - Topshop  /  Heeled Boots - Toxic Codeine  /  Studded bag - Thrifted

"Omg Cheryl I'm taking a picture of your bewbies".

I'm trying to convince Cheryl that we should film her doing hardcore stunts in her Dolce Vita "Jemma" knockoffs like playing basketball, parkour and even skateboarding. 

And we shall call this youtube series.. Cheryl goes Crazy. :3

Crux Muscle Tee - Toxic Codeine  /  Slit Skirt - Online  /  All Seeing Eye bangle - Topshop
Bracelets - DIY and thrifted  /  Boots - Toxic Codeine  / 
Furry hobo - Eh Jackie you buy from where ah?

So H1P5T3R!!!!!11!!!!

I think she looks damn skinny here and because I'm a jealous prick I shall not comment on this picture HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Outfit shots are srs bzness you guys. It requires a great deal of shamelessness and precarious balancing to ensure that you'll get a decent shot which even though is sibei sui...

Might not even get us 200 hypes on lookbook cause we don't look like indie scene kids who wear plaid shirts, dreamcatchers or look like a mix between Pochahontas and a Coachella performer. #fashionpeopleproblems.

My pwettttyyyyy fwenxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxz.

Nothing spells out a hang out with these two crazy kids like being horrendously socially awkward in public and well...generally being a public nuisance. :'D

Timbre-ed with my bunk mates in the evening cause after so many weeks of pure antagonistic suffering due to eating canteen food, we decided to pig out. What is new la hor?

Drew looking extremely worried whilst he tweets bout his virgin experience at Timbre. Suffice to say nobody has a bad virgin experience cause the food is so fucking orgasmic. Look guys, my first swear word in this blog post!

Zul acting cool (You look cool meh? Cheebye you look like Christopher Lee please HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S WHAT ONE OF US SAID). People got swag leh, hipster glasses sia HAHAHAHA.

And I can't post Victor's pics up cause all of them are of him smoking trolololol.

Happy weekend with happy people. Ran out of things to say hence the lame sentence. /o/

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I want danger. I want freedom. I want goodness. I want sin - Aldous Huxley

Just a spate of images which demonstrates my recent outfit lemmings.
Neck accessories which might get me detained when I try to tap in to the mrt.
Oversized coats which look like I wore them Bear Gryll's survival style.
Streamlined silhouettes which I might be able to wear once I finally get rid of that paunch.
And of course, leather jackets...what is new la hor? LOL.

 And finally...the pair of shoes from Jeffrey Campbell which has been haunting my dreams whenever I lie on my musty pillow in the bunk! :'D 10th August come soon!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


2 lovely items purchased from the AMEN label from - The After Dark necklace and Rapture leather jacket. Nicole was kind enough as always to offer me a discount code but I refuse to pay a discounted price considering how much work and thought she and Clinton puts into their handicraft. Every penny well spent ; Thank you two! :'D

. Alcohol makes people sad. It's like the Lifetime movies of beverages.

Knit cape cardigan - UNPLUGGED MUSEUM  /  Leather Panel Top - OBSCUR  
Skinny jeans - Topshop  /  Leather neckpiece - DIY  
Drape Gauze Boots - Rick Owens  /  Kirsten Satchel - Alexander Wang

Everybody knows my not so secret obsession with Gareth Pugh (I practically talk about him ALL THE TIME that I don't know how my friends can stand me LOL) and what better way to chanel his FW 2012 collection than with a long drapey cape, a panelled geometric top and leather neckpiece? 

Not so wearable (God only knows how many people I freaked out with my face partially obscured) but I think it makes for a nice change of sartorial pace. Plus I can swoop upon unsuspecting smelly people on the mrt and glare at them as they cringe in olfactory-offensive fear. :'D

Pictures by the awesome Haikel of! We shot this 3 pictures in 10 minutes. ZAI SI BOH?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In which I don't take an outfit shot in a carpark with my camera perched on someone's car.

Imogen Top - Feist  /  Obscura Jacket - Feist  /  Oversized Blazer - H&M  /  
Cigarette Pants - Black Peace Now  /  Robyn Hobo Bag - Alexander Wang  /  Oxfords - Bugis Street

What do you know guys? I'm doing a post with proper exposure and bright colours!!! Photo credits to the amazing John Tan from Someone getting famous liao hor HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CANNOT FORGET ME LEH.

It honestly feels that y weekends are getting regiental like my military life cause all it seems like I'm doing is meeting mah h0m135 to eat lots of good food, bitch bout current news (Does it honestly take a few million to fill Sun Ho's mvs? Woman needs to be detained and forbidden from being fancy free.  and people watch (If I had $1 for every time I saw a chick wearing a chiffon mullet skirt, I can finally buy y Givenchy Obsedia bag wtf). Maybe I need to do more high octane stuff like bungee jumping, rock climbing and jet skiing.

OK I JOKE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Back to rewatching Lana Del Ray's "National Anthem" 309409082819171 times and cry pitifully when she talks in the monologue.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

She said she was wearing Jason Wu... it was Jason Wu for Target.

HuNg OuTxXx with the ever-chic Iskandar of at The Merry Men today for some brunch. No gst or service charge, cute rustic decor and generous portions? Call me a food slut and I won't even bat a parallel creased eyelid. 

Resized this image in photoshop when I realized it looked distorted. After checking my resolution and image sizing, I came to this conclusion that this bitch is so skinny that he distorted himself HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SRSLY. 

Striped batwing top by Elohim. 

"Eh Iz, take a cool picture of me being cool where I'll show off my cool rings and hold a cigarette like Lana Del Ray cause that's cool right?"

Imogen top and Obscura jacket by Feist

Only at Robertson Quay will you see adorable angmoh families with their children on scooters, spg's with their bear-like husbands, japanese couples doing touristy shots and horde after hordes of crazy beautiful caucasians. This picture doesn't seem to serve it's purpose of reiterating my point but it was the only one I had HAHAHA.

"Eh I take this food shot, got look like ladyironchef not?" The caramelized banana looks like a giant garden slug but trust me, it was totes delish.

Ending this post off with food porn again. You may now assume that I'm a blogger who shamelessly indulges in food and clothing. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Calm your tits gurl, it's only pretend murder and it's been beneficial for our marriage.

Pant Suit - Vintage Prada  /  DIY Spiked Shirt - Calvin Klein  /  Blazer - Topshop  
Remodelled Harness - Zana Bayne  /  Accessories - YSL , Montblanc, Taobao.

What I'm going to say is going to be the epitome of what-the-fuck inducing and some of you might even judge me... 

My outfit is...inspired by...RACHEL ZOE HAHAHAHA. Despite her being crazy annoying (How the fuck is a banana a worthy compliment of Karl Lagerfeld's work?!) and unprofessional behaviour (Team Taylor errbody!!!), I think she does do decent styling and has a pretty kickass wardrobe. Let's not talk about her child's walk in wardrobe.

The kid has a WALK IN WARDROBE whilst my clothes are piled on a dingy $20 Ikea roller hanger which collapses as frequently as celebrities hook up. 

And what do you know, I've officially moved my photo taking spot from the carpark (I swear, the security guard offered to help take my outfit shots the other night HAHAHAHAHA) into my living room. Though the lighting is shitty (I'd like to say it creates a nice ~*~backlit~*~ effect), it does make for a decent backdrop. 

Came back from my 5-day chalet the other night, saw my Zana Bayne harness lying around in pieces and decided...Hey what better way to make it look more S&m Rihanna-ish than to re-purpose it into a multi-wrap belt? 

2 bleeding index fingers and 30 minutes later and BAM, a new accessory. Pity it only looks good one way though. Gotta find more mileage to wear it. 

Ending this post with me staring pensively into the future whilst trying to figure out why Raf Simon's first show at Dior was so bad when actually, I'm just staring at a stain on the wall. Artistic I am. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I wanna see if those wiener dogs are born that way, or if they start off normal and then get wiener.

Virgin Versace muscle tank - Proud Race
Scuffed Skinnies - Virgin Blak
Pony hair x Leather wedge boots - DEPRESSION
Robyn hobo bag - Alexander Wang
Ksubi knockoffs - TheCultLabel
Accessories - Montblanc, Taiwan, Taobao.

Told my Dad my coordinate today was casual and instead of being all OMG YOU'RE FINALLY ONLY WEARING ONE LAYER!1!!11 SO PROUD OF YOU SON COME LEMME BUY YOU THE GIVENCHY OBSEDIA CLUTCH... he just rolled his eyes. :'D

Definitely feeling my style move into a more masculine one. It's like I shoot myself with testosterone injections 50 times a day.

After eating chicken for 2 meals a day 5 fucking times a week, it's time for some JAPANESE FOOD BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZZ. Sometimes you really take overpriced slabs of raw fish for granted. I solemnly swear I will never do such a heinous act again.

One more interior shot cause I wanna step food/fashion/lifestyle blogger and become famousssss on nuffnang even though their top bloggers can't type proper english and look nothing like they do in real life cause they use at least 20 layers of photoshop whoops do I even need to drop names here.



Posing with le birth giver. Notice how my arms are getting monstrously bigger. #firstworldpains

Derpin' cause it's in the gene pool of Gohs to do so. HAHAHAHAHAHA did I mention I don't look like my parents at all? Cue the whole YOU WERE PICKED UP FROM THE DUSTBIN drama when I was young. Asian parent syndrome seriously.

Ending this post with a ~*~sunset~*~ cause I'm so deep and subversive like that. BOOK IN IN 3 HOURS LOHHHHHHH.