Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making sweet languid love to my bed feels like a much better option than blogging for an imaginary audience.

So I've dissapeared under my bed sheets for the past few days to enjoy more than 4 hours of sleep per day (INSANELY BLISSFUL) and thus, here's a spam of pictures from the graduation showcase where 3 days of my life was wasted. From massive time spent from camwhoring and gossiping about a certain whore to creating a public nuisance out of ourselves by molesting mannequins and finally, pigging out on platefuls of sashimi and crabs at a Japanese buffet...all I can say is that damn, will I miss my school mates.

Before I get all Adele-like bout the thought of graduation (Or more of the fact that I'll not be seeing these kids on a daily basis), I shall go whip up an outfit for tomorrow cause I'll be TWG-ing at MBS! CATCH YA'LL TOMORROW.

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