Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So I haven't been blogging lately cause my camera suddenly gained 903094890585 kg and it's the weight equivalent to an obese kid.

Starting this post off with a I AM SRS BZNESS face HAHAHAHA. I've been sticking to my New Year Resolutions lately (Minus the whole stop-eating-junk-food and be a less bitchy person ones) and BAM. Holla to my new found love for grey!!

Leather Lapel Jacket - All Saints.
Grandaddy Sweater - Topman.
Skinny Shorts (IDK either) - LE7.
Thrifted Boots - Salvation Army.

Friend : Eh I thought you wanna wear more colours?
Bryan : Grey lor.
Friend : Why not red, blue. /proceeds to list all the colours of the ~*~rainbow~*~
Bryan : When Tin Pei Ling gains a brain, then I wear.

Happy happy day~ Deceiving ya'll that I don't have homicidal thoughts of kicking people in the genitals on public transport, breaking the necks of kids who cry obnoxiously loud in restaurants or sacrificing stupid people to Satan! :3

Met up with my favourite bitch (I'm a whore so I have a few LOL) to harass another favourite bitch at NOISE Singapore where we spent the night rolling on the floor, talking bout school politics and creating a giant mess all to create a tote bag decoration.

Can't believe 3 years has passed ; Felt like yesterday that I quarrelled with her during a class presentation HAHAHAHA THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES.

Oh you know, just art students doing their thing. And I'm ADDICTED to wearing my turban!! It's almost worst than Chris Brown's addiction to physical abuse, Kim Kardashian's addiction to wearing Spanx or Nicki Minaj's addiction to wearing fugly wigs. Maybe all three combined! D:

Nicknames I've received so far are - Turban Kia , Turban Boy, Indian-Wannabe, Sikh Supreme.

Felt like primary school arts class all over again. Minus the heavy amount of testosterone (Was from a boy's school HAHAHAHA BELIEVE IT OR NOW) , psycho art teacher who REFUSED to let me go to the toilet until I threatened to piss my pants (Was a horrible kid, no lie) and giant chio school. ):

I think it's kinda ironic how we studied arts and media for 3 years and this was the best we could do. I firmly believe that there's a future out there in Japanese Cartoon Drawing out there for me!!!

Made a new one with overlapping graphics to represent society ; A mass but dysfunctional ocean of souls with overlapping social stereotypes and characters.

Ok la we just spammed chops on it cause we got bored and lazy.

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  1. me gusta!
    giant love for you and this perfect look
    you are a doll!!!!!!!!!!!