Friday, February 24, 2012

A surge of testosterone or just simply succumbing to age.

I have NO IDEA WHY but I've recently started to favour a simpler aesthetic when it comes to dressing. Probably long gone are the days where I accessorize like crazy and resemble something that of a punky black gangster from dA h00D yAwZ or go all OTT in my outfits because now, I'm leaning in to a more mature style whilst still aiming to look chic.

But of course, I'll still stick to my black drapey shit (That's what my Dad calls my clothes HAHAHA) cause it's the crux of my looks!!!

Attributing this sudden change to a surge of testoterone (HAHAHAHA increased sperm count or something like that idk) or simply succumbing to the fact that I'm hitting the big...2 this year?

As demonstrated by Emmanuelle Alt ; New Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, you don't need to go all over-the-top-ghetto-fabulous to look fucking awesome. I believe it was a picture on the right of her that made me go CRAZY over the leather jacket + white shirt combo.

The whole "Oh I woke up late and wanna be comfortable but still look like I can kick ass" look. But then again models can pull off that look and I'd strive to be this skinny if it weren't for the fact that... I love my carbs and meat too much sigh. #totesanasian

Gasp you mean you can still look awesome in... wait for it.... BAGGY PANTS?!?! It's like saying Rihanna can sing live or that Nicki Minaj isn't an insane ho!!!

Another easy way to #cheatafashionlook ; Giant swallow-you-up-the-right-way fur coat, skinny pants and a pair of fucking kick ass shoes. Aiming to score myself one in Hongkong!!! Flying on the 2nd AWWWWYEAH STARSHIPS~ WERE MEANT TO FLY~ /gyrates around pole in a sexually repulsive manner.


I really think that there's a HUGE SURGE of testosterone flowing through my bloodstream (Pretty soon I'll be watching 6-Pack Shortcuts on Youtube or something to gain... ... ... ABS OF STEEL or simply, dressing like a hipster dude LOL) because I've been OBSESSING over a 2-piece suit of the same print. Houndstooth... Check! Checkers... Check! Geometric Stripes... Check!

Flower Prints... Maybe in another lifetime or the 9404904940th one!

My friend seems to think I'm insane cause I insist that this could be a dude. "Can what, who said guys can't have chio fingers? Yours look like chipolatas bitch!!!" Cue her ignoring me for 5 minutes until I spam cute dog videos to her.

A stream-lined look for days where I'm rushing to return clothes to showrooms or running for a shoot!!! Or simply running to the office cause I'm late for work. Starting work at Catalog Magazine on the 6th!!! Totes excited!!! The editor-in-chief is SO COOL IT'S AMAZING. What I would give to rock a severely-shaved crop!!!
Okay lah, must post a picture of things I'll NEVER be able to give up. Heavy textures, over-the-top layering and black clunky shoes that are perfect for kicking a molester/annoying china man or bitchy classmate in the crotch!!!


Pictures are from where I spend countless hours on every day and cry into my dog's fur cause I'll never be able to afford awesome couture. And I'm meeting mah homegurl later to bum in town SO YAY PHOTOS!!! Will finally be able to make a post without shamelessly-taken photos from other people's blogs!!! :D

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  1. "where I spend countless hours on every day and cry into my dog's fur cause I'll never be able to afford awesome couture" YOU AND ME BOTH, BFF. Poor Fifi and Candy.