Thursday, February 9, 2012

We burst into colours, Colours and Carousels.

"Hey Bryan, wanna go study at Starbucks?" said the message I received the other day from Rebecca as I howled in laughter. ME? STUDY? That's like asking George Young to speak in a Singaporean accent (Omgpleasedon't) or Mediacorp to stop producing shitty Channel 8 dramas. But never-the-less I agreed only because I love her to bits. And that I need to bitch with her bout school.

Why am I typing like this? Totes no fucking clue. It's 2:50am in the morning and I've been lopping the video of Emmanuelle Alt dancing.

What was SUPPOSED to be hard-core studying at an AzN L3V3L ended up being a round of stalking people (How much would you pay to see his penis?) and lolling about watching 2 Broke Girls.

Busty bad-ass chick? Check. Blonde bimbo with nice hair? Check. Sexual jokes? Check. BEST SHOW EVERRRRRRR. Next to Schindler's List but that makes me cry until my eyes swell up and I look more ET than tumblr-emo-boy-beautiful.
Wandered around town like the bums we are and I managed to enable Beccy to buy a coat at H&M! I have this innate ability to make people buy clothing HAHAHAHAHA STORES Y U NO HIRE ME.

This is a picture of her attempting to projectile vomit on me in anger. Or it looks like it is. Can people control their vomit arc or range?

Can you ask cats why they chase birds? Can you ask a rock why it's so hard? Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?
Met up with my old-time bff's after harassing Becca to buy clothing (SEE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS FOR DIM SUM BABE <3 LUBCHA). Whenever we meet we're all ZOMG FUCKING OLD HOW DID WE KNOW EACH OTHER FOR 5 YEARS?

These are the kind of friends who you'll grew up with and witness your style changes. And not judge you for them HAHAHAHA FUCK I WANNA POST A PIC OF MY 16 YEAR OLD SELF BUT SUPER EMBARESSING LA CMI KENOT. The universe will explode like Mariah Carey's boobs in a gown.
This is my Y WE NO EAT BUT TAKE PICTURES face. Or "I'm trying hard to stifle a fart" one.
Super love dining with these gurls cause they'll always be in charge of cooking cause I end up spilling meat all over and creating a mess. #Barbarianhabits. After being constantly scolded at bbqs or cook-it-yourself gatherings, it's just easier to sit in a corner and feign ignorance. Or contribute by cutting the meat.

LMAO I HAVE THIS FUNNY STORY. When I was younger, I decided to join my school on this mission trip to....CAMBODIA TO BUILD HOUSES LOL. So the guys were all given macho testosterone-laden jobs like drilling stuff or moving the planks of wood and I was in charge of....MIXING CEMENT. Fucking important job okay!!!
Amount of meat we took wtf only $23.50 ME GUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BRB MAKING THIS OUR HANGOUT SPOT. It'll be more fun to eat there if it didn't CONSTANTLY blast Kpop songs (But it's a KBBQ joint so MAYBE I'm being irrevelant here. But hearing SNSD ALL the time? NO ME GUSTA) nor was it sauna-ish hot.
FOOD PORN. This is like an A-rated version of food porn where you encompass EVERYTHING YOU GET IN ONE PACKAGE. Not that I would know. /shifty eyes.
Midway results through eating ;
Phaik Yie - Semi-delusional posing due to heat and jaw exhaustion.
Alcie - Still going strong. Shows signs of strength in arms and jaw.
Bryan - Low pulse with decreased brain activity.
Final Results of our Meal :
Keeping it classy...LIKE A SIR.
Grey Pullover - T by Alexander Wang.
Shorts - Black Peace Now.
Blazer Trench - H&M
Balenciaga Knockoffs - TheLastNocturne

HAHAHAHA WTF SUDDENLY VERY SERIOUS. Was running around in the morning running errands so hello rather slack outfit. Not a big fan of showing my legs because I have a TONNE of scars on them. And they're not I-DID-SOMETHING-COOL-LIKE-SAVING-A-CAT-FROM-A-CAR scars. ):
KPOP STAR WHO BRINGS DA BOYS OUT. Australia air has made her FUCKING PRETTY THOUGH. ): It's like anybody who breathes air there becomes chio-er. Can you believe this bitch HAS SUPER SMOOTH SKIN?! Like egg-shell baby-butt skin with NO. PORES.
... ... .,. No comments for this one HAHAHAHAHAHA.
This phrase will be uttered/shouted/hollered at EVERY outing ; EH COME COME TAKE PICTURE LEH. Presenting you a NON-PHOTOSHOPPED (Must purposely bold cause people confirm accuse me) picture of us HAHAHAHA I used to liquify my photos quite a bit in my old blog sob.
One more cause I look so friendly here (People who don't know me think I'm really fierce. #bornthisway and #ladygagastilllovesme OKOK I KID I'M NOT A BIG FAN) and everybody looks so good here...WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP!!!
Ending this post with a H1P5T3R picture of Phaik Yie because we all love galaxies, cats and sniffing marijuana at night.

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  1. "So the guys were all given macho testosterone-laden jobs like drilling stuff or moving the planks of wood and I was in charge of....MIXING CEMENT. Fucking important job okay!!!" FUCKING DIED FROM LAUGHTER HERE. THANKS BRYAN. <3 I love reading your blog. Always awesome & entertaining! xx