Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh you know, just a blog post bout someone I'm obsessed but it's totally normal to do such stuff right?

So I think everybody knows my INSANE obsession with androgynous people by now considering how most of the time, I’m like OH MY GOD SO DID I TELL YOU BOUT THIS CHICK WHO LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS A DICK…BUT SHE’S REALLY HOT NOT LYING STOP GIVING DAT FACE!!! Or “So this model looks like a girl but he has a penis. Why can’t I look that good?” Sense of propriety, I severely lack.

Style Idol of the day aka. a person whose wardrobe I will sell my first born child for ; Kate Lanphear!!! If you don’t know who you are, feel free to youtube her and writhe in aural orgasm at her voice. HAHAHA IF THAT DOESN’T SOUND CREEPY THEN I DUNNO WHAT DOES.

Looking androgynous AS HELL!!! One of the reasons I’m embracing suits lately but then again I’m a dude. Been looking for the PERFECT tweed coat + houndstooth pants. T_T

Dayyuuuuuum gurrrrrrl dat leather jacket’s perfect. I think it’s a fashion-person kinda pose. Awesome hair, talking on the phone to discuss a million-dollar photoshoot with a famous photographer & model, awesome clothes and a look of seriousness. TAKE NOTE.

No words; Just a longing for a new faux-fur coat. Something you can even wear in your room whilst blasting the air-con at 16degrees on a cold rainy night and crying your eyes out whilst watching Anastacia or a Disney movie. Just throw in some hot milo and a box of tissue paper (For crying and not other dubious activities) and you’re good to go.

I AM FIERCE AND SERIOUS pose. One of the reasons why I tell people it’s not too hard to have an entire wardrobe filled with black as long as you know how to layer textures. Jersey, Chiffon and Denim together actually looks amazing and all you need is let's say a Chiffon Top / Jersey Scarf worn as a cape and a pair of Denim Jeans. Throw on a leather jacket and you're already effectively layering.

Even on an off-style day, she still looks fucking amazing. Of course you would be if you’re all OHEY SHALL DRESS DOWN BUT WILL STILL WEAR MY HERMES COLLIER DE CHAIN CUFF. :3 Not a big fan of the red toe nails but s'ok s'ok homegurl has awesome shoes. I always get SO ANNOYED whenever I see people with cray cray ugly shoes.

Finally, a picture which is placed under my “Inspiration” file because errone loves themselves like #totesawesome arm candy especially in the form of leather, spiked and bondage-y ones. Can’t wait for 3 pieces from Taobao to come that I ordered!!! Y U NO COME NOW.

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